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Final Bill - email or snail mail?


Final Bill - email or snail mail?

Over the past year, I have migrated 2 of the phones off my family plan to another provider as the contracts expired.  My phone's contract expires 04-28-14.  It finally died this past weekend, so I decided to move it (last phone on AT&T) to the other provider & eat the ETF instead of paying $36 to switch to a used phone for the last 2 months of my contract.  The other provider did all the number switching for me.


I was on paperless billing.  I cannot log into the website to view my final bill (balance was 0 before I switched).  I tried to call 800-331-0500 and could not get to a real person (one MAJOR reason why I changed providers).


Will AT&T mail me a final bill, including ETFs?  I want to make sure this is paid promptly.  


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Final Bill - email or snail mail?

Hello Muleybubs,
Yes, you should be receiving your final bill by USPS mail detailing your ETF and any other charges and fees.
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Re: Final Bill - email or snail mail?

Thanks.  Since I never really CLOSED my account with AT&T (by contacting them directly), do I need to do something else to completely close out my account?

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Re: Final Bill - email or snail mail?

Not unless you have other lines on your account. The port out process automatically closes the line. You can always call to verify once you have initiated service with your new provider if you'd like absolute certainty.

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Re: Final Bill - email or snail mail?

That's what I was TRYING to do - call and verify that my account was closed completely.  But I cannot reach a live person.  I assume that means my account IS closed. 


 I am already with my new provider. 


Thank you for your help.

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