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Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?


Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

On 5/30/14, I went to RadioShack to start new AT&T service. On 5/31/14, I went into the AT&T corporate store in Lufkin, TX to have my new AT&T number replaced with my old Sprint number.  The representative told me this could be done and proceeded to port my number.  Little did I know, he was fraudulently opening a second line with my ported number with no equipment or contract, but an additional activation fee and $80 plan.  Before I left the store, I was told that my port was successful, I was given a new sim card for my existing phone with the former Sprint number and my old sim card with my original AT&T number (the number I wanted replaced) was thrown out by the store representative.  It was not until I looked at my bill two weeks later that I realized what had been done!! I went back to the store and was told that nothing could be done except to cancel the original AT&T number, be charged a $325 ETF, and purchase a new phone for my ported number.  My second choice was to cancel my ported number.  No one would acknowledge thet fact that a second line was opened in lieu of my request to have my original number replaced with a ported number from Sprint.  This line was opened under fraudlent circumstances and I am left to foot the bill or lose a number I have had for 10+ years due to an AT&T employees greed for commissions. The 2 representatives I worked with and the assistant store manager ganged up on me and proceeded to explain that it was my fault for activating with Radioshack in the first place and not coming into the corporate store.  I spoke with the manager who admitted to have witnessed the entire scene, but did nothing but return to her office in the back of the store. I called the Area Manager and have yet to be answered. I keep getting the run around from customer service and I have spoken with both the manager and assistant manager of the store with no help! They recognized their mistake because they have since cancelled the original number, and credited the additional plan charges, however, I am still left to foot an ETF and activation fee for an extra line that was opened to due to unethical and fraudlent behavior in a corporate store.  On 6/21/14, I filed a complaint with the FCC and BBB. What else can I do? 

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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

If what you said happened like it did. I would bring thing all the way to arbitration. But there is a certain dispute process that needs to take place.

Now for the real issue. I don't believe you can port a number to service already that has been started. You should of read the new contract you signed
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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

There is nothing about paying $325 to change your phone number in a service contract or anything that states it is a breech of contract to get a new number.  So, it should not and is not an issue for me to have requested a number change.  This is a standard practice for wireless and wired service providers.  I was mislead and fraud was commited.  Even if the company tries to pretend they no longer port numbers to replace existing numbers, it would have been ethical to tell me upfront and not rerun my credit, add on plans and services, and an additional line without my consent of knowledge.

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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

I'm a little confused.  If they opened up a new line off-contract, why can't they just switch the number back to your original line and cancel the newer second line?   There shouldn't be an ETF fee to cancel a line that is not under contract.


I'm probably misunderstanding, but is this correct:


1)  You started AT&T service with a single line and assigned a new phone number by AT&T.


2)  Then you wanted to port your Sprint number, but instead of porting it to your newly created AT&T line, then opened a new line off-contract and basically switched your phone over to this new line (with a new sim card).  This in effect left your original line open but without a device assigned to it (shouldn't this have been a red flag?).   So you thought the port was sucessfull, and it wasn't until you got your bill that you were aware that they created a new line.


3)  Now they are telling you that you can switch the number back to your original line and cancel the newly opened line without an ETF fee?




1) Didn't they give you a report showing the changes you made when you did the port?  I have always been given a printed report showing exactly what changes were made, and they are always itemized by line.


2) Shouldn't there have been a red flag when they move your phone to the newly created line, leaving your original line unassigned?


3) Shouldn't they just be able to cancel the 2nd line after moving the phone number back to your original line?


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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

Yes, you have understood correctly:


1) I started new AT&T service with a new device, plan, contract and number.

2) I wanted to replace my new AT&T number with my Sprint number (do a port to the new existing line).  Thus, I would continue to only have 1 line, but instead of having the new AT&T number, it would be my Sprint number.

3) Yes, they are saying I can cancel the line they created with my ported number (so, I would be losing my Sprint number) because they started this line without a contract.  So, I would be forced to keep the new AT&T number, because that line has a contract.  If I wanted to keep my Sprint number I have had for years and years, I would have to cancel the new AT&T number and line and pay an ETF. (Which defeated the whole purpose of me porting my number over).


Answers to your questions:


1)You are absolutely correct!  I actually am a former employee (I resigned in 2010 to begin my teaching career) and any account change printed out a contract of some kind. I am sure the company has not changed that much! Thus, this is how I know they were being fraudulent by keeping the paperwork hidden.  He only gave me a receipt for the accessories I purchased.


2) He created the line with a plan, but when the Assistant Manager looked up the line, he showed me that there was no contract or ESN assigned only a Sim card and plan.  He told me that that is protocol when you activate new service with your own device.  He failed to connect that fact that the device he was claiming "I brought over as my own to activate a new line" was active on my account already and connected to a number I thought was replaced.  He also failed to admit that his representative took an active sim card and threw it out.  Once again, "Why would this be done if I was aware that the line was still active?  Why would I knowingly pay for a line without a sim card to use in my equipment with a plan I am paying for monthly?"


3) I would think so.  However, they instead cancelled my AT&T number and charged an ETF.  I now have only 1 line with my sprint number and they added a contract to that line.  So, if I cancel service and go back to Sprint like I am so tempted to do, I would be charged another ETF!


Bottom line, I was screwed and no one cares! With the proration, month in advance billing, ETFs, and Activation Fees, it will cost me about $900 to go to another company.  And I can't just not pay the bill because I am in the beginning stage of purchasing a house and I can't ruin my credit (I honestly wasn't even supposed to have it run).  It just really frustrates me! I have never had such poor customer serivce and I have never treated a customer this poorly! 

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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

This is just too funny. The same exact thing just happened to me back in March. At least you knew what your charge was for. I'm just figuring mine out after I read your post.


I didn't ask for a new number. I just didn't want the phone I received with my contract so I gave it up to the Lake Forest store (ecosystems) and he charged me $80. He made me change my phone number but didn't think anything of it. I paid the $80, sent him the phone, and he sent me the one I wanted.


4 days later he charges $325 on someone's Amex without telling me or the Amex's owner (Fraud?). The amex owner of course does a chargeback and guess where it goes?! 2 months later I get a bill for the $325. 


Called ATT and retail store owner. They both point back to the other person. The problem here is, ATT I'm sure knows what these store owners are doing but allow it anyways. I wonder how many people are out there since ATT just washes their hands off this problem. It's a class action waiting to happen.

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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?


Hello @ashsademac 


I've read your posts and I'm so sorry for the issues you're having with your billing and services. Our team will be happy to look into this situation for you and help with everything we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: Filed an FCC and BBB complaint about Retail Store...what next?

Keep posting this, they have a facebook page, and I would get thier pictures. I bought this handy little recroding device, that I suold be able to attach to my house phone and my cell, but the ATT blocks that. I can however, put my phone on speaker and it recrords it very well. I bought this off spytec. I always carry it with me everwhere I go. Get all their names too, and go back to readio shack and give them a pice of your mind. I can't get over ATT not letting you use cuss words on here.

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