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Federal Universal Service Charge $20.29 on just one line!


Federal Universal Service Charge $20.29 on just one line!

So my wife and I upgraded to iPhone 5s, and I added a line.  I just got my bill to find out I'm paying $20.29 in "Federal Universal Service Charge", just for my line.  Her line is $3.51 for the same fee.


Just before upgrading, I paid $3.64 for this fee.


The account rep I spoke to did not know why it was so much.  Any ideas?  My wife though it might be because I have the "$4.00 per month international plan" on my line.


Total taxes and regulatory fees for my cell phone bill is $32.50 for two lines, when it used to be $7.10 for the single line.  Hmmmm 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Federal Universal Service Charge $20.29 on just one line!

Thanks so much for your post. Because you made changes to your account, i.e. added a line, your bill will be higher due to prorated charges, advanced billing, etc. therefore increasing the FUSC, as it is a percentage calculated on all telecommunications charges. Please visit here for a more detailed description



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