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Falsely Accused Of Tethering!


Falsely Accused Of Tethering!

I have been a perfect customer for years, and I follow AT&T's rules. I know what tethering is, and I have absolutely never done it.


Today, I received a letter from AT&T accusing me of tethering and threatening to take away my data plan. I called the number on the paper, and first talked to a rep - it sounded like she said her named was Donna.


She asked me over and over if I had tethered, rephrasing the question - did I use a tethering app (no), did I try Googling the names of my apps or maybe read the app descriptions more carefully (how ridiculous), did I use Pandora with my car (I don't know what that has to do with tethering, but I have never used Pandora and I have never owned a car).


I asked for a supervisor, who did not provide his name. The supervisor said they would investigate. I do hope they find their mistake, but realistically speaking, I presume they will either just never call back or continue to falsely accuse me.


I asked for details about what caused the warning, and they could not provide any other than repeating the original accusation. They also assured me that the fact that I installed iOS 8 earlier today would be sufficient to prevent any further problems (which doesn't make any sense, but whatever).


Once again, I have never used any form of tethering. I have never downloaded any app with tethering ability. I have never had "the flashlight app." I have never jailbroken my phone. I do not use excessive bandwidth, and I have never gotten any warnings on this account for excessive data usage. I understand that a "first warning" does not automatically cause me to lose my plan, but being falsely accused is unacceptable.


[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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AT&T has lost a ton of Customers to Verizon for various r...

AT&T has lost a ton of Customers to Verizon for various reasons the last few years and their CS wants to keep it rolling. I am assuming you have an iPhone with a grandfathered Unlimted data plan. It sounds like they are trying to get you to switch to a tiered data plan with tethering.
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Re: AT&T has lost a ton of Customers to Verizon for various r...

Thank you for your message. I must admit, I was skeptical that this could really happen for no reason - until it happened to me.


Judging from how many people have reported the same problem, this is obviously a scam to try to intimidate people into giving up our Unlimited plans.


If I do get robbed of my grandfathered plan, I will be terminating my contract at AT&T's expense.

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Re: AT&T has lost a ton of Customers to Verizon for various r...

The exact same thing happened to me! I got the letter yesterday and immediately called AT&T and the sales rep could not give me a straight answer as to why I was being accused of tethering. I have basically the same usage as I have always had so I don't get why all of the sudden they are falesely accusing me of thethering. What's even more bizzare is that my tablet and laptop have never ever run internet off of my phone. I honestly think the issue lies with whomever is creating these apps that are supposedly tethering extra data that we are not even using???


It seems like they are making this issue up to weed people out of unlimited data plans. I asked the rep what I could do on my end to try to ensure I don't lose my plan and again no clear answer. How the heck can I stop doing something I NEVER even did in the first place?? How am I supposed to monitor something I don't even know is happening??? I already have a wireless modem with Verizon (that I use for my tablet and laptop when away from my Wifi at home). I am definitely thinking of switching my cell to Verizon if AT&T does not rectify this problem and stop accusing customers of wrong doing!

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