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Fake billing email, possible phishing scam


Fake billing email, possible phishing scam

Fraudulent bill received via email ... Login would take you to {link removed per guidelines}




{subject edited as new topic was created}

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Re: False billing for service I DO NOT HAVE!!!

You think you have "false billing", I have really false billing.  I just received an e-Mail from "AT&T Customer Care" stating I have a "Total Balance Due: $1958.55".


Now that would really upset me - except I haven't had AT&T telephone service since 1974.  I don't have an AT&T cell phone, and AT&T has never served my rural area. 


Now that is REALLY "False billing for service I DO NOT HAVE!!!" - but I know it is simply phishing.

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Re: Fake billing email, possible phishing scam

Good eye, you're absolutely right - this is not a real AT&T email. Smiley Happy


To report spam, forward it to When you forward the email, please be sure to include the full header. Without it, we can't tell where the email came from.


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