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Export bill to Excel?


Export bill to Excel?

I need to do some data mining :-) on text messaging usage on my family plan :-). Is there a good way to export current bill (the PDF thingie) to Excel? is there a way to export the current data usage to Excel also?


I looked a little but did not find any thing applicable...

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Re: Export bill to Excel?

There is a way, I dont understand why no one knows about it.

  • Log in
  • At the top, click "Bill and Payments"
  • Under "Payment History", click on "View Bill History"
  • Click "View" next to the bill you want
  • Click "Usage Details", which is the tab next to "Bill Summary"
  • Click "Download Usage Details"

A couple of steps, but it gets the job done!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Export bill to Excel?

new instructions to get the excel download, as the website is a bit different than when these steps were first discussed here


Billing and Usage page

Make sure Usage is selected

Now scroll down just a little bit now you see the blue pie chart of the usage correct?

Okay now you see the grid that says Basic Plan Usage, then member numbers correct?

Select View Usage details, this will give a pop up box

Okay now do you see the Change billing period bar

You can select the current billed, and see the older.

When the page reloads you will see the details for this time period, but in the upper right corner is the download, and if you click this you can select Excel Smiley Happy

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Re: Export bill to Excel?

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