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Employee Discounts


Employee Discounts

I receive a 20%discount on my AT&T bill as an employee of Directv.  I added another family line to my account and want to verify if I can get a discount for that line as well.  So far it has not shown up.

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Re: Employee Discounts

The change happened in January when the new plans went into effect. So for the new data plans, only the 5gb plan is eligible for FAN discounts. Unfortunately I had plenty of angry calls back then from customers because they upgraded to the 3gb plan and noticed a bigger increase than just 5 dollars from the 2gb plan. 

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Re: Employee Discounts

direct tv gives at&t employees FREE tv with ALL channels including NFLST HBO,max, show, stars and ATT gives Direct tv what? 20% discount on one line cell phone? REALLY?

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Re: Employee Discounts

In response to the last reply...ATT does NOT give us free Directv...I had DTV since before the merger...they told us in July big discounts were coming...still nothing! Then they said around Nov 12 , don't try to call about it ... You will get an invite. Still nothing. Meanwhile here we are still paying 80 a month x 5 months x however many employees are still waiting...yea we got nothin they keep getting more money. Any discount is better than no discount! Then I called Directv and suspended my service, the rep said that's ridiculous I'm already getting 50% off my lines....these posts were from before the merger...not recent...look at the dates...
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