Data usage


Data usage

So I get an email that I'm nearing my data limit and about to go over. Am I not to assume that when I see the wifi symbol in the upper left that I'm on wifi? I font see how I can be near my cap. Do text msgs use data? I have unlimited texting on my plan. Thanks.
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Re: Data usage

I get the same messages a lot of the time as I was nearing the end of my billing cycle (hummm).  I am on Wi Fi almost 90% of the month but they keep telling me that I'm near my limit.  So I get charged an extra $20 every month on top of my normal bill.  How can I prove that they are wrong?  I can't, so I get stuck with additional charges almost every month.  It's like the system was built so the they don't have to prove the customer over used the data.  They just send a customer a message saying that "you are being charged" and end of story.  Does anyone else think that's wrong?

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Re: Data usage

Hey there!

Excellent question. Sending does not count against your data usage, unless its a picture message, which doesn't use very much. Using iMessage if you have an iPhone and on the cellular network will use data yes but will not count against you text message count.

Another to make sure if you have an Android device, is to make sure your Wi-Fi sleep policy is set to "Never". You can do this by going to Settings > Wifi and network > advanced options.

Another cause can be that there are apps running in the background. To close them on iPhone, double tap the home button and a gray bar should appear with apps in it. Hold the app until they begin to wiggle and then select the red " - " button.

On android, go to settings > applications > running applications.

Hope that helps!
~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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Re: Data usage

Yes, that is wrong.  Especially if you have an iPhone.  My data has been going crazy for close to 3 months now.  The AT&T tech said they  are having issues with Apple's system and their data compatibility.  They have been writing off that charge for my bill for 3 months, since they have yet to find a solution.  Do not just pay for these overages, this is a problem between Apple and AT&T.  Unfortunately, the customer is the one who gets stuck in the middle.  Just call tech support and tell them your problem.  Tell them you want them to write off the extra charge.  


Believe me, you are not the only one!!

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Re: Data usage

This very same thing has been happening to me for the last 3 months and I don't know what to do about it! Because there is no way to prove you are using WIFI the whole time. I hate AT&T and will be leaving this carrier!

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Re: Data usage

Mrchurch wrote:

This very same thing has been happening to me for the last 3 months and I don't know what to do about it! Because there is no way to prove you are using WIFI the whole time. I hate AT&T and will be leaving this carrier!

unless you go to sprint or one of the lower tier carriers no one else has unlimtied data. In the care of verizon they only have shared plans and nothing else.


There is also no way of knowing if you are actually using wifi at all times, if there is a gltich in the wifi transmission the phone will switch back to cellular seamlessly, if the phone goes into hibernation - aka power save mode - and you are listsning to something like pandora the wifi radio will be shut off by the phone and you will be listening over the cellular data - this is a feature of 99 percent of the cell phones, the only exception in some cases is if the phone is on the charger, but have seen the iphone use cellular even when on the charger by setting a monitor point on the firewall / router.


In the majority of cases no matter where you go, you will get the same issues

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Re: Data usage

If it's an iphone call 611 right away. All the new iphones have a bug where they slurp data even when you are on wifi and not using it.
Enjoy the runaround. ATT will probably tell you to call Apple & Apple will tell you to call ATT.
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Re: Data usage

If you're still having issues please send a Private Message to me @attjuliecs with your account number, full name and contact phone number. 



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Re: Data usage

What is your email?
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Re: Data usage

Every month 2 of the phones on my families account get messages regarding data overages on our iphones.  We are very careful to close out apps and use only wifi the majority of the time.  We cannot afford to continue to have these charges added to our account and we are considering discontinuing our service with AT& T when contracts expire.  Has anyone discovered a solution to this problem?  Has anyone emailed ATTJulie CS about this problem and got results?

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Re: Data usage

@cmbowlan You might as well try. Click on the blue word AttJulieCS and then click the envelope to send a message.
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Re: Data usage

use this one


I would recommend that you send a Private Message to Community Support is part of the AT&T customer service team, They may be able to resolve your Issue. You can expect a reply via return PM between the hours of 7am-10pm CST.


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Re: Data usage

I've been seeing the same thing for both my IPhone 4 (not S) and much more my sons IPhone 5 - on shared data plan with AT&T. My sons problem got a lot better once he turned Itunes syncing over cellular off. Been checking daily usage since.


So checked this morning and all of a sudden our reported usage total has pretty much been reduced by a factor of 1000! Yesterday it was 0.7Gb - today the combined total is only 0.8Mb.


Maybe its a glitch in the AT&T reporting or maybe they have decided to somehow correct whats been going on?

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Re: Data usage

I'm leaving too because this seems to be ongoing and wide spread problem that att fails to get a handle on and well why should they when it's pure revenue they don't have to work for. att, you're fired!!
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Re: Data usage

I can clearly document this wrong data charge. At 5:54pm, my data usage was 289.67mb, at 7:46pm my data was 289.6mb, at 10:07pm, I was 2 mb over my limit of 300mb. Between 7:46pm and 10:07pm, I absolutely did not usage anything except received a couple of words and send a couple of words in texts.
After waking up this morning, I found I was charged another 6mb during my sleep! This system definitely has problem. But AT&T rep keep denying it!
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