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Charge rate for overage data


Charge rate for overage data

I went over my limit for the first time, and was surprised that the rate charged for overage data seems to be completely hidden.


I did the online chat, and was told that this information was only available after the fact.


It seems that the charge for overage data is basic piece of information that should be availabe.


I escalated the online chat, but was disconnected after being told that the information wasn't hidden, and I would see it when it was charged.


I don't know if I was hung up on or disconnected due to the webpage timing out.


I'm only over ~150MB , so it shouldn't be too much money. It is just rediculous that the price is so hard to find. 

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‎10-18-2015 12:00 PM

Re: Charge rate for overage data

If you are on the current MSVP, the overage is shown on the chart:

Choose a data plan for families, or just for yourself. Mobile Share Value plans range from 300MB to 100GB of data, and we have prices to fit any budget. Additional data (overage): $20 per 300MB on a 300MB plan, and $15 per 1GB on all other plans.



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Re: Charge rate for overage data

Nope, not hidden at all. As @Anonymous points out, it is right there in black and white.

"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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Re: Charge rate for overage data

Thank you.


That chart does indeed answer my question.


However, neither of the customer service personell I chatted with would give me that info, or point me to the chart.



From the chart


20$/ 300 MB  for 300MB/Mo plan     15$/1GB   for other plans shown    no rollover

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Re: Charge rate for overage data

As you can see, if you are only going over by 1 GB, it is cheaper (except on the smallest plan) to pay the overage. If you are going over by 2 GB or more, it is usually cheaper to increase your plan.


The good news, which many don't realize, is that you can increase your plan on the last day of the cycle (when you can see how much you are over) and choose to backdate it (important, don't pro-rate it) to the start of the cycle. That's probably something else the CSR don't know or won't tell you.


The downside is that when you change plans, you lose any roll over for that cycle.


"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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Re: Charge rate for overage data

It appears plans now have overage protection, so you can still get online, but at 2G speeds.


Question: If I hit my data limit and want to get more data JUST for the rest of that month, can I purchase one-time additional data? How much does that cost nowadays?

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Re: Charge rate for overage data

@mikebat if you are gonna spam whatever app you keep spamming, you may wanna try a little harder to appear as a customer. It's obvious you work for them
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