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Can’t get credited for returned phone


Can’t get credited for returned phone

I upgraded my cell phone online went in to a corporate store to pick up new phone. They wouldn’t take my old phone but gave me a label to send it back. I sent it back. Kept post office receipt. A few weeks later I get the phone back. Apparently they gave me the wrong department to send the phone back. I call customer service several times. I don’t care where I call for customer service as long as the individuals have the actual ability to provide CUSTOMER SERVICE. However, all I get is circle talk and nonsense. They don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. I finally get someone who emails me (allegedly) a correct label to send my old phone to them. I send the phone back and it literally takes forever to get there. In the interim I’m getting texts saying they don’t have my phone and I will be charged 179.39 for it. I keep calling CS telling them the phone has been mailed per THEIR label emailed to me. Can’t you guys track it. I’ll send you a copy of both post office receipts plus the label emailed by YOUR CSR to me and the tracking info. Finally get a woman named of all things “ZEN”— (are they serious !!) I’m as far from zen as anyone who deals with this lousy customer service can be. She has me on the line for an hour to finally tell me that she can’t credit me because it isn’t showing on my bill yet (it wasn’t) but the second it showed up to call customer service and ALL is noted in the file and all they will

have to do is initiate the credit. So that’s what I do when my bill populates. I call and the guy doesn’t know what I’m taking about. THEN after an hour with him he says that the credit will be initiated within 24 hours. SURPRISE - it wasn’t. I call again today and after 30 min the guy is giving me the run around. I ask for a supervisor — I got one (I think). He tells me that the guy that said it would take 24 hours for the credit - actually opened a “case” which apparently is the correct way to do

this (okkkay) well why did he tell me 24 hours then? I ask. Supervisor can’t answer. I ask what about Zen ID #\\\\ and what she told me. Well apparently she actually did and wrote down nothing much. So basically at this point everyone lied to me. Supervisor PROMISES the credit will be applied on the 15th. Meanwhile my old phone sits in Fort Worth TX per my tracking information. Yet CS cannot seem to find it. I believe that’s because CS is a big call center in another country that handles many companies customer service issues. They have no direct line to much of anything except maybe open up cases or give you the run around until you give up. It’s a terrible way to run a business. I’ve spent almost 2 months trying to deal with this. I’m infuriated and if this isn’t rectified by the 15th I’m going to start getting very vocal. What ever happened to caring that your customers are happy? If you are going to outsource than make sure they can actually represent ATT in the best light possible. 

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Re: Can’t get credited for returned phone

Hi @Chelmabelle

Thanks for post.

We need to review your account in detail so we are sending a Private Message (PM). Please check your Forums Inbox for a PM from ATTCares and reply so we can get to work.


Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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