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Billing issue


Billing issue

Good Morning,


I am sending this in the hopes that I can have a situation with my bill rectified before I take my business to a competitor's network.


My bill the past two months has been completely out of whack. My wife has been a customer of AT&T for several years now and after much convincing I joined her plan with your company (after a 20 year relationship with T-Mobile). The first experience was negative in the store, which I chalked up to an over zealous salesperson trying to upsell and squeeze things into my bill that I didn't need. I'm in sales and understand that aspect, but I did note that I felt rushed on my initial review of my service that I submitted to your company.


My bill the first few months of my service was consistent and in-line with what we had agreed to and we had no issues with service.


A little over a month ago, my wife dropped her phone and cracked her screen. She went to the local store and was able to upgrade her phone (at no charge, which was nice), purchase an extremely overpriced phone cover, lower our monthly data limit (from 10gb to 6gb), and add insurance to her new phone. The changes, we were told, would result in a slightly lower bill ($130 instead of $140), and provide the insurance that we needed in case an accident were to happen again.


Fast forward a month to billing time. We receive a bill in the amount of $250. We immediately call and were told, "It's a mistake on our end, but go ahead and pay it and we will credit the difference the next billing cycle." Obviously unacceptable and after a bit of back and forth, we are informed that it is taken care of and we will be on our normail billing amount from then forward. The bill auto-drafts in the amount of $155. Still not right, but a lot closer than it was. I chalk it up to changing a plan and I trust that the bill would be correct on the next billing.


I open my bill yesterday and find that I now owe $186 or $206 or $120 depending on where you look in this bill that takes Masters in Accountancy to understand. I call support and the "correct" amount is the $186 figure. Unacceptable. I tell the person (who was polite but unhelpful) that there is a mistake and she says that there is and she agrees that it should be corrected. Puts me on hold and comes back with, "You changed plans in the middle of the month and thats why it's more.". Say what? That makes ZERO sense. Especially since I lowered the data on the plan. Not to mention that it still doesn't explain the mystery charge on the 1st bill.


She agreed that that didn't make sense and put me on hold again and when she came back, she had an explanation for why the bill was $155. My bill isn't $155, its $186 (or $206 or $120 or $255 or $XXX). I inform her that there is NO WAY that my wife (who is in the process of attaining her master's degree and has what is lacking most from AT&T... COMMON SENSE) would have thought it a wise decision to increase our bill by 15-20% while receiving less from AT&T in return.


I had the customer service rep forward the cancellation terms of my contract (which I shouldn't be under a contract since I qualified for "Next" and signed up under that program but I'm sure I was dumped from that when I wouldn't rent a phone) and I'm going to take my business and all future business away from your company if the problem isn't corrected and my bill isn't stabilized at the rate that we had agreed upon.


I look forward to your response.


Michael [Edited for privacy.]



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Re: Billing issue


Hello Michael,


Thank you for sending us a private message! I see that one of our social media care managers is working with you already, but please let us know if you need help with anything else.




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