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The AT&T representative at the AT&T store when I got my new phone, put in on what he called the "Next" plan.. I am paying out my phone monthly...  I had plans to pay the $200 for the phone and agree to a 2-year contract and he was trying to save me money so he put me on the "Next" plan...

   CAN I put this account on AutoPay?  I want my wireless bill to be set up to auto pay ever month but every time I try to set it up I get an error and it tells me I have to pick another way to pay the bill... 

   My U-Verse Acct (it is new) is set up to go on AutoPay, but cannot get my wireless bill set up ... they told me with it being a "Next" plan, I cannot combine the Wireless bill and the U-Verse bill into one bill...  Fine, I can live with that, but I want them both on AutoPay... 

     Am I getting an error trying to set it up because it is the "Next" plan...  I talked to someone at AT&T and she tried to go through the steps to set it up for me and got the same error.. 




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Re: AutoPay

Off the top of my head, I can't imagine a conflict between AT&T Next & automatic bill pay.

What error are you getting?


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Re: AutoPay

good morning..

    I kept getting the error message ... that it could not be set up for this and to find another method of payment.  I don't remember the exact message.   I waited until early Monday morning (5/4/14) and tried to set it up again and it went through without a problem.  I don't know what was causing the problem before, but it is set up now..

  thank you for your reply.. appreciate it.

    Have a good day


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