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Another Mobile Share Plan screw up


Another Mobile Share Plan screw up

Back in April, I got this Mobile Share Value promotion email - $25 discount. I call the customer service to verify to make sure my lines were eligible to receive discounts. Out of 5 lines, 2 lines were eligible. I know they were eligible since those 2 lines had not been upgraded past 3.5 years. So I click on the link and going through purchasing process. And just to make sure that I don't screw up, I called customer service again to make sure I was choosing correct plans. After succesful purchase, I added 3 other phones to mobile share value plan. This is where it got screw up. My April phone bill was about $100 less than I was expecting. I could not make any sense at all. I went to ATT store, and I was told it would get corrected in May.


In May bill, only 1 of those 2 lines got the $25 discount. I called customer service tonight and explained to both service agent and finally to her supervisor. Well, the supervisor was ignorant and unprofessional. He keeps on saying the second line was not eligibale because of Feb deadline. He would not listen even look at the fact that both lines were eligible when I placed orders. And out of contract.. When asked how it was suddenly not eligible in billing system. I was told I was misinformed. He keeps iterating that nothing could be done. I asked for options. He said I just deal with the agreement or cancel the contract and pay the penalty. On top of that he tells me that it was my fault for not reading the follow up email to check. When I try to explain there was no email other an email telling to login to system to check billing etc, he just hangs the phone from his side.

Yeah, it sounds like I am making this up that how ATT could have such supervisor.


I was with ATT for past 9 years, and I always had a great customer service. The customer service rep was courteous and professional and tried to explain that there is nothing she could do although I don't think she understood why 1 line was suddenly not eligble to receive discount in billing system now. Basically, ATT billing system does not allow correction on contract no matter how it got messed up.  The supervisor was pretty much worthless and unprofessional. I had never been hung up by anyone. I am pretty sure he would say it was me who hung up if I pursued.  So I am to pay $25 more each month for 11 more months until contract expires. or pay the cancellation penalty.


I am planning to file up FCC complaint about this practice along with sending a formal complaint to my company's  tele communication department who has an agreement with ATT and post ATT practice in employee forum (50,000 users).  I am pretty sure nothing could be done or will be done. ATT is good company and lot of good people. One bad apple happens to be a supervisor. AND bad billing system.

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Re: Another Mobile Share Plan screw up

I can agree with you on that. Sometime you will get one or two these employees that doesnt domthe right thing.

Now p, back to what you were frustrated about. For the 25 dollar discount, is usually applicable only to mobile share data plan starting with 10GB. If any other plan thats lower than the 10GB, then you are most likely not going to get the $25 dollar discount.

I would strongly recommend you to stop in a store, and talk to a store representative to have them take a look at tyour account, as well as asking them to explain to you as to what really happen.

Hope this would help part of your frustration.
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