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Add color to our PDF bill?

Add color to our PDF bill?

hey there! How r u tonight?

I love getting paperless bills. But what i do is click the button to view and download the PDF verson so i don't miss anything.


what i would like to see in the near future is when we download our PDF bill that it would be in FULL color so its easier to read.


i've learned how to read the "black and white photo copy" look but its not very cheerful looking. lol. see having it in color would make people want to pay their bill on time more  :-) PLUS its not like your wasting PDF paper hehehe


Who is with me?

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Re: Add color to our PDF bill?

I support this idea! We get full color in store. Lets give it to our customers.

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Re: Add color to our PDF bill?

Thanks ministorm!

i no its nitpicky.


i just like how the paper bill looks without the paper. sure i could just go into my MYATT and pay the Big orange number lol but i like seeing the full bill, and having it in color would make the categories on the bill easier to find.  CHASE Bank is doing color PDFs now.


i want it done in two months!! hehe just kidding.  I hope the CEO of ATT reads the forums :-)

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Re: Add color to our PDF bill?

Wow!  You still haven't colorize the PDF bill yet???  I'm disappointed!   Just kidding!   it would be an added plus though  :-)

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Re: Add color to our PDF bill?

Well you did it ATT!  Thank you so much that you added color PDF online for May 2016.  Things just pop out more and i like the color.


Thanks Again!

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