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ATT refused to honor contract.


ATT refused to honor contract.

My wife and I decided to go with AT&T who not only had no deposit, but offered the phone we wanted at Walmart for $1. I went and signed up for 2 lines on a $130 per month (plus taxes totaling almost 20%). I signed my contract ported my phone numbers and went on my way.
Now  the contract I signed shows '$0.00' as my activation fee.
Needless to say that I was quite unhappy when my first bill showed over $72 in activation fees. I called AT&T's excuse for customer service and inquired as to why I was being charged fees that my contract explicitly stated was $0.00. I was told that the fees are policy and ATT would not wave them. After talking to not 1, but 2 supervisors I was told that not only would the fees not be waved, but that the contract that I signed isn't the real contract and that AT&T was not bound to follow it. They claim they emailed me the 'real' contract later and that one, listing the activation fees, is the binding contract. Needless to say this is not a document that I was presented or signed when I signed up for service.
They won't recognize the contract as official and weren't bound by it? Never something you should ever tell a unhappy customer
Since I never signed a real contract I realized that this gives me a open pass to change to a different, more ethical, service provider.

I am worried as AT&T is still trying to hold me to the contract that they won't honor and am especialy concerned that they wil also cause me future finical harr, either by reporting this to my credit report (which I will fight tooth and nail) or even trying collection action for a contract that AT&T clearly stated they do not reconise.


I am disapointed by AT&T's actions in handling this and cannot recomend them.


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: ATT refused to honor contract.

The stores will usually give you a customer service agreement copy with the info about the activation fees. If none of your paperwork shows a fee, you would have to go to wal-mart and have them handle it since it was their error.

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Re: ATT refused to honor contract.

Right... And Walmart would tell you that it is AT&T that dictates the policy and you would have to talk to AT&T Smiley Tongue Sorry, no pun intended... it is unfortunate that you will be kicked around by both these Corporates and you will end up giving up and will just bite it... And that is what they want you to do... What they never understand (or will ever) is they end up paying more to the people who deal with the issue compared to what they might end up losing (really?) by honoring the contract... hehe

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Re: ATT refused to honor contract.

same thing happened with me and an ATT new line.  I called about 4 times got hung up on 3 times because they couldnt handle my complaining and then on the 4th call the very nice women heard my story and she told me that she would go ahead and do my the favor of waiving the fee for me.

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Re: ATT refused to honor contract.

I am brand new. Signed up for Christmas with contract stating no activation fee, 25 per line fee. 3 lines plus data. $175/mo right?

I've paid over $1000 so far, been suspended 4 times without warning, paid amount due to recoonect which adds $160 in restoration fees ( 3 times in 30 days?)) and although my contract is in my hand showing 0 activation and 25 per line they insist I am on $40 per line plan and each line is charged activation fees.

Even claimed they offer no 25 plan only Next for 15 or contract at 40.  After charges of $1000 for my first two months I'm still $400 past due but no one will fix this. Or explain the timeline on service suspension or why they insist on an amount of payment to restore then decide it was inadequate and suspend the following week.

Hours of frustration. Turning it over to regulatory agencies and will loudly warn anyone against bending over for Any Tricky Tactic contracts and Always Torture Them customer service. Treating customers fairly and transparent billing  would have been much cheaper and easier. I was fair and gave them numerous chances to fix this. So now I'll fix it myself.

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Re: ATT refused to honor contract.

I have experienced similar problems with long, long, long phone calls to resolve issues only to find that the issue resolution, though promised, never materializes on my billing, or shows up incorrectly.  I had AT&T Inet service and found that it did not provide reliable service at my home.  Technicians came out and said it was OK now. However, it still did not work.  I signed up for 2 more tech visits (waiting 2 weeks for each) and they never showed up and never called to explain their no-show.  So, after months and months of frustration with the daily service issues and no fix with my phone calls, I canceled my Inet service.  They, of course, want to charge me an early termination fee.  I refuse to pay for service that did not work per their promise.  It is my position that AT&T failed to perform.  That is my position in my complaint with the FCC (https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us?return_to=%2Fhc%2Frequests).  I have had lots of issues with AT&T making a promise of one thing and then not being held accountable to keep that promise.  When I bundled they promised me a $10/month home phone for 24 months, the length of my other bundled services, except my 15-year wireless service.  Within 2 months they were charging me $32/month for the home phone.  I tried to explain the promise when I bundled and the offered me a $20/month fee.  I said $10 or nothing.  So, I canceled that bundled service.  This was before I canceled the Inet service for failure to perform per AT&T's promise.  I won't stand for this poor customer service and disrespect for a customer.  Keep good records, try to resolve with AT&T and, if unsuccessful, go the complaint with the FCC route. 

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