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AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma


AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

We know that Hurricane Irma has left many of you and your families without power and dealing with a very stressful situation.  To try and ease some of the stress, we’re automatically issuing credits and waiving additional fees to give unlimited data, talk and texts to AT&T wireless customers.   In addition, we're also providing unlimited talk and texts to AT&T PREPAID customers beginning Sept. 8 across all of Florida.   If you live in Georgia, as of Sept. 12, we are also providing unlimited data, talk, and text in impacted Georgia counties and continuing through Sept. 17 for all impacted customers. We are also extending payment dates for impacted AT&T PREPAID customers with voice and text service through Sept. 17


Customers in these areas may still receive data alert notifications during these protected dates, but billing will reflect the correct data charges.


In addition, from Sept. 6 through Sept. 15 we’re automatically issuing credits and waiving additional fees to give unlimited data, talk and texts to AT&T wireless customers and unlimited talk and texts to AT&T PREPAID customers in Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Impacted video and home internet customers can visit our support page for information or to report service outages.


Additional information on what we are doing to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma can be found at: Hurricane Irma Response & Live Updates

AT&T encourages customers to consider the following recommendations in the wake of the storm:

  • Keep your mobile phone battery charged. Have another way to charge your phone like an extra battery, car charger or device-charging accessory.
  • Keep your mobile devices dry.  Keep it safe from the elements by storing it in a baggie or some other type of protective covering.
  • Program all of your emergency contact numbers and e-mail addresses into your mobile phone. Numbers should include the police department, fire station and hospital, as well as your family members.
  • Camera phones provide assistance. If you have a camera phone, take, store and send photos and video clips of damage to your insurance company.

Additional information and tips for disaster preparedness can be found at Inclement Weather – Be Prepared and www.att.com/vitalconnections.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Hurricane Irma Loss of Service

Can anyone let me know if I will be credited for not having any AT&T service in South Florida during Hurricane Irma?  What about cell phone data and overages?  We have had no power for 6 days.  I hope AT&T will respond by not charging extra fees to Floridians affected by Irma!! 



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internet service not working in this area

I was wondering why I am being charged for extra data. We haven't had internet for a week now. I realize because of the hurricane. We have 4 phones on one account. We have to use data because we cannot connect to internet. Why is AT&T charging me for extra data when they cannot provide internet at this time?
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Re: AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

I had a very interesting conversation at about 6pm tonight with a field tech from AT&T.  I was at my local coffee hang out & he (tech) had just finished a long day. Before I tell you what he said, re-read this post from "eervin" from 9/15.



Re: AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

UVerse customers -

What ATT is not telling you is this outage is not hurricane caused (I guess you can call it related).  This is a software/hardware problem.  When the DLECs (neighborhood boxes) went down for lack of power they did not come back up correctly.

I have spoken to multiple local techs and they are having to escalate to Engineering.  And there is not a lot of Engineering to go around.  So what we have is non-damaged/fully power boxes that will not communicate.  Sometimes everyone one on the box is down, sometimes only some of the connections are down.

If I were to guess, someone did not test what happens when a box loses power since they always have about a 2 day battery backup. "


He lies some truth. The tech related to me that the problem lies mainly in the main neighbor box.  These boxes cannot be reset  remotely like a street light situation. They have to be responded to individually & manually rest. Here lies the bad part. It's a less than 50/50 change that the boards (he would not give me the exact name of the circuit boards inside the box) are "fried", his exact word, FRIED.  Yes, the carry a set number of replacement board , & only allowed a set number of boards in each tech's possession. Well, guess what, they ran out of these boards, for the most part real fast.  The field techs have their hands tied as they don't have the parts/boards to replace the "fried" ones in the neighborhood boxes.


The first real test came with Irma & caught the company without the replacement parts on hand. 


I'm not going to jump the ATT Ship , but somebody on the supply side of this corporation needs to get their act together. This won't be the last  natural disaster to hit us. 

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Re: AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

Okay, I misspeled a few words above, but you get the idea.


They Have No Parts To Fix The Boxes !!

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Re: AT

This is bordering on unbelievable.
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Re: AT

How can AT&T be this incompetent? FPL can ultimately restore power to over 9 million people within a few days (sorry if it took a little longer for some of you) and AT&T is unable to get their act together to restore services? The response I get from them when I call is that they are working on the outage and several thousand people were affected. Great, but why should it take this long to restore service? It's no wonder people are willing to leave this awful company for another competitor (Comcast/XFinity). They say they will waive any overages for cellular data usage until 9/17 - hello AT&T, you haven't gotten the outage fixed yet why waive overages until that date? They tell me they will not charge me for my internet or landline while this outage is still present, we will see when the bill arrives.

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Re: AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

Its funny how all of ATT's services were basically free during the hurricane but no one was able to get online or use their phones because the towers were down. There's no need to provide free services when your infrastructure sucks and customers can't use it in an emergency anyway. 

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Re: AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

 Finally back on in Davie, Florida. Smiley Happy

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Re: AT&T's Response to Hurricane Irma

Can AT&T please give free wifi to its customers impacted by Hurricane Irma until the end of the month? It's the 21st and thee are still customers without shelter and power. Is data gigabytes used during the storm going to be removed so we do be charged for overage at end of billing period. Please provide clarification.
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Re: AT

Customers directly impacted by hurricane Irma will not be charged for data
overage used during the storm.
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Re: AT

Naturally the towers were down .... Did you really expect them to not be
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Hurricane Irma Data overage

When we received a message saying AT&T was waving fees for any Internet Data overage I was under the impression that it was not going to use any of the current Data available. We were without power for almost a week which means we did not have WiFi access the whole time. When the hurricane happened our Data rolled to the next service month and now we have no Data left to use, so technically we used all our regular Data. Where do I call to request an extension for Data?

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Re: Hurricane Irma Data overage

My issue:

We have 4 mobile phone lines on one plan - my husband & I currently live in Tennessee, our boys in Florida. THEIR two lines were affected during Hurricane Irma, and were using data while their power was out, to the tune of $75 additional dollars added to our current bill. I called IMMEDIATELY on September 11th when the first additional data block was added and spoke to representative Danielle, explaining that we had two lines that were affected by the hurricane and I needed to know how to proceed to rec'v the Hurricane Irma benefits for those lines as our billing address would obviously NOT trigger the automatic overage refunds. I was told she would note our situation and the boys' numbers in our account and I was to call back after the next cycle to have them manually adjusted. Which is what I did today - yet after speaking to 3 different reps including a "manager" I was told in no uncertain terms that they WOULD NOT manually adjust our account as the billing address is not in Florida and that was the only way to receive the data benefits/refund.

The boys still live at our former address in Florida - the one where we had about 15 previous years of ATT services billed to. It can very easily be determined that their numbers reside at that address, regardless of the fact the account HOLDER lives at another, and that their numbers were using the data in question during the allotted timeframe for this unlimited data coverage for the hurricane . 
Why are you making this so difficult over $75 of data? If you look over our billing it's very obvious we don't typically use 5 blocks of additional data each month, and to make me eat that money, especially AFTER I was told it would be manually adjusted by the first rep is infuriating. You most certainly CAN adjust/refund this billing, but for some reason you just don't want to or won't. 

~ Michelle [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]
longtime ATT account holder, former Florida resident, current disappointed and upset customer

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Re: Hurricane Irma, New Experience, Total Eclipse, Untold Stories, Lend a Hand, Tune In, Recognition

My husband and I have been at&t customers for many years. Between cell service, tv service, internet and home phone, we pay around $600 per month to this company. Which is already ridiculous. We live in Florida and due to hurricane Irma, my husband was unable to work for well over a week and is still having difficulty with his clients cancelling appointments because of their own issues with hurricane aftermath. I use my cell service for work and my husband also uses his for work. Today our service was turned off for a past due bill. Although, my husband called and attempted to explain the situation and the fact that our service impacts our ability to make a living, this company refuses to compromise in any way. We are able to make a partial payment on Friday and the rest on the following Tuesday. However, the company refuses to restore our service. This is the treatment that loyal, paying customers receive from AT&T. The very minute we are able to pay in full we will be taking our business else where, That includes our tv, home phone, and internet as well. If this company has no loyalty to us, we have no loyalty to them. We will also be informing every family member and friend we know and encourage them in joining us to switch services.

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Bad cell service after Irma?

We have just moved to Fort Myers Florida, at Treeline and Colonial. There is supposed to be a cell tower nearby but weeks after Irma all I can get is one bar and abysmal phone service. Could it be that cell tower is still out or is this the norm here?

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