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will i be covered under warranty?


will i be covered under warranty?

so my blackberry's trackpad stopped working about a week ago (iv'e had it for less than a year). it still scrolls fine but no longer has the capability to click on things.  my phone does have your typical wear and tear (minor scratches on the screen and the plastic on top of the phone is a little dinged up), but in no way has this effected the keyboard and trackpad's functionality.  will my phone still be covered under warranty/i.e. does the typical damage that my phone has void the warranty? thanks!photo.jpg

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Re: will i be covered under warranty?

If the phone is less than a year old it should still be covered under warranty. Give CS a call, let them walk you through any troubleshooting they would have you perform, and if nothing works they'll most likely get you a warranty exchange for a refurb phone.


Just remember to be patient and cordial. They have their procedures they have to work through, and you'll find it much easier to get what you want if you work with them.

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Re: will i be covered under warranty?

I did call up about the warranty and had a very pleasant call with a representitive who said i will recieve a replacement phone.  I just want to make sure that this isn't what att considers to be "physical damage" as i do not want to be charged an exuberant amount of money because they claim that I was the one to mess up the phone...

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Re: will i be covered under warranty?

As long as the screen isn't cracked and it shows no sign of water damage, it should be fine. The CSR may have asked you to look at the moisture indicator to make sure it doesn't have water damage.

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