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smart limits

I have smart limits on a phone on my account. I have no idea how to block the numbers someone please help.
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Re: smart limits

@haleyhejmanowski wrote:
I have smart limits on a phone on my account. I have no idea how to block the numbers someone please help.

logon to the Online Account manager, from "My ATT" select Wireless from the drop down, then under Enhanced Security select Smart Limits

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: smart limits


haleyhejmanowski wrote:
I have smart limits on a phone on my account. I have no idea how to block the numbers someone please help.

This is a great question! Visit Smart Limits, and click on Manage Smart Limits. This will direct you to blocking numbers. 

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Re: smart limits

True caller, trap call,Hiya,robot killer,att call protect are all false advertising the features 

they only can block numbers you place in the app it self they cannot block private or unknown callers. I believe this was a marketing scam between Apple and att for you to download these apps and get your money! Only app that was 100% effective was att smart limits which could block private and unknown numbers. I paid 4.99 for two years was  telemarketing free and  harassment  Free! The only way to put a stop to this is the public either needs to leave att and Apple and go with a provider who will actually allow you to block private and unknown callers! Truth be told the feature i phone has only sends the caller to your voicemail this don’t block unwanted calls just send them to your voicemails what a scam for what we pay for our money every month. It appears They are selling our numbers to the  telemarketers. I change my number two days later and after att got ride of the smart limits app every person on my block list had my new number mind you I never gave my number to none,but my children. It appears Att and Apple works with  telemarketers  They pay a fee for your numbers even if your placed on the do not call list. The best thing to get back at them is getting a google voice number period and allow the calls to be forward to cyber space to   Literally call forward all your calls  To google voice number and allow only favorites to bypass this call forwarding don’t waste your money on none of those call block apps in the APP stores. They create fake post on their own forms in the Apple store and on the net a marketing  strategy ! Now only thing RoboKiller does is block the block numbers you place in their block list but if this is your goal to block a person that is not calling from a unknown or *67 blocked then this is the only app that doesn’t allow the caller to actually call you. Now if they cud block unknown caller and *67 caller this company will shut the market down. Att smart limits did a wonderful job of blocking unknown and *67 blocked but the cancel the service to partner with Hiya. Mind you hiya never block any call when you look into the app it will say blocked lol the caller just called my phone. Don’t know why att partner with them what a scam for 3.99. 

Get with the program place smart limits back on the market and advertise unknown Caller and *67 calls can be blocked I am witness to this I paid 4.99 for over 3 years. Only thing is allow more numbers to the block list. However we like our privacy! Only way we can truly have our privacy is switching back to land lines where you can block all callers. However I you are looking to prevent harassing unknown callers and *67 block calls there is nothing in the App Store that can stop them from calling in service that did was att smart limits blocking features. If you just wanna block telemarketers don’t waste your money just go into you iPhone and place the on the block to forward to voicemail or download that robot killer. Also trap call provides fake names to a phone numbers I download that and it gave a fake name for my child’s phone number mind you she has a contract phone so please don’t waste your money. Fix y’all apps period and don’t false advertise. I would rate this app nothing but you have to rate in order to leave a review 

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Re: smart limits

Sorry for all typos typing very fast 

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Re: smart limits

Nevermind the typos, I stopped reading after the first sentence from that massive wall of text.


As for the call block programs you've mentioned; there isn't a call block/screening app that's 100% effective, and the reason being is that they can only screen or block numbers based on what numbers that YOU, as a user, have already blocked on your phone, as well as numbers that have already been reported as spam, telemarketing, and/or phishing to various websites.


AT&T Call Protect, as far as its basic version goes, is usually at no charge for most plans.  It's the premium version that is charged to your bill every month.

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