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iPhone sharing


iPhone sharing

I have an iPhone 3GS, am eligible for an upgrade, and have a family plan. I would like to get an iPhone 4S and give my husband the 3GS. (He is eligible for an upgrade in April.) Is this possible?


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Re: iPhone sharing

Yes it is. All he should have to do is put his sim in the phone.
His phone line will require a data plan. It would be best to call immediately to make sure he is on the data plan that he wants, otherwise, I think, they will put him on the 200mb plan.
He will need to change his voicemail as iPhone voicemail is different.
His upgrade eligibility will not change.
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Re: iPhone sharing

yes you can switch the phones with eachother. once you get the iphone 4s and give your husband the iphone 3gs he can just put his current sim card that he has (as long as its not an iphone 4 due to it being a microsim card) then there should be no problems. make sure to call customer care when you decide to do the swap, an iphone data plan will be required if he doesnt already have a smartphone data plan. hecan keep the unlimited data feature for smartphones/iphone if he already has it. the only thing you will need to give to customer support is the imei number which can be found by dialing *#06#. Smiley Happy

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Re: iPhone sharing

@kdfeder what you said ^^ Smiley Tongue i posted like 2 minutes after you ha
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Re: iPhone sharing

The information stated in this thread has all been correct and on-the-spot. You are able to do this, and your husband's line will require a data plan if he does not already have one for the "new" iPhone 3GS of his.

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