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change account holder


change account holder

Now there is some trouble among our family plan members. We want to change our account holder and one of our original member would be the new holder, while other things keep the same. Only the change of role inside the family and the original holder will leave after that. Is this possible?

What will happened if we change holder in this way? What will happen to our 500 deposit? Does that violate my iphone 2-yr contract with AT&T (iphone 4 plan)?  is there any charge for the change (related to the iphone 4 plan or anything else)? Will the credit of members be hurt?

Please help me with these questions. Thank you!

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Re: change account holder

You will have to do a Transfer of Billing Responsibility.


What is Transfer of Billing Responsibility?

    Transfer of Billing Responsibility (ToBR) is the process that changes the ownership and financial responsibility of a postpaid wireless account from one subscriber to another subscriber. The service is moved to an account with the new owner's name and credit information, and the new owner assumes liability for the account/contract.

GoPhone subscribers are not eligible for Transfer of Responsibility.


    The current owner of the account can start the process online from the Transfer of Billing Responsibility Request page in myAT&T.


Information required to start the transfer process

  • The new subscriber's name
  • The new subscriber's email address

     Once it is determined the account is eligible for transfer, an email is sent to the new subscriber, with a secure link that allows the new subscriber to access and accept the transfer online. Once the Transfer of Billing Responsibility has been accepted, a confirmation will be sent to the original account holder via email and text message.


    This authorization only remains active for 14 days from the time the transfer is initiated. After 14 days, the authorization will become inactive. Please be sure to remind the recipient of your wireless account to acknowledge and complete the transfer of service as soon as possible.

Important Note

    Customers who complete a Transfer of Billing Responsibility by calling Customer Care will be charged an $18 transfer fee per line. Customers who use the online self-service method are not charged the transfer fee.



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Re: change account holder

But if we do "transfer of billing responsibility", will this affect our individual credit? All of the members do not have SSN and we get the phone numbers with passport and deposit.

As I bought a Iphone 4 with the family plan with the passport of both the holder's and mine. It results in a two year contract with AT&T from August 2011. Will change of holder in this way violate the contract with AT&T? Will this result in new deposit?

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Re: change account holder

Moreover, will transfer of biling responsibility extend my contract? Will my contract ended in August 2013 while it is originally started from August 2011?

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Re: change account holder

jdzlw95 wrote:

Moreover, will transfer of biling responsibility extend my contract? Will my contract ended in August 2013 while it is originally started from August 2011?

It should not change that, but who ever is assuming responsiblity may have to do a deposit if they have poor or no credit history

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Re: change account holder

But will this affect the person's credit? And what is the use of the credit here, just inside the ATT system or the whole society?

Also will late payment for ATT service result in decreasing credit as well? Who would be responsible for the late payment, Only the holder or all the members? 

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ACE - Expert

Re: change account holder

It should not affect their credit unless they don't pay the bill.
The holder is responsible for the bill, that is why it is in their name. They are responsible for payments.
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Re: change account holder

And also nothing is reported to credit bureaus until after the said account is closed, also a new contract should only be required when you make a change to the line('s) that require a new contract.
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Community Support

Re: change account holder

Hi @jdzlw95


I’d be happy to help with your request to change the owner of your account! This would be a Transfer of Billing Responsibility.


Due to the nature of assigning an account to an individual, a new account would be created, and the lines in your current account would be transferred across.


For more information on completing a ToBR and the requirements, expectations involved, please visit our eSupport article - Transfer billing responsibility for your wireless service


If you have specific questions about your account, please send us a Private Message and we can assist.


I hope this helps!


Tim, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: change account holder

I currently have 3 lines of my account. I want to transfer responsibility of 2 lines and keep my line. Is that possible or will all 3 lines have to be transferred?
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Re: change account holder

I have tried to do this twice - now the original account no longer exists because the process to discontinue that number went through without any problem.  How do I get this done since the system will no longer recognize the old number?

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Re: change account holder

when I logged in to my account and clicked Transfer of Billing Responsibility, it says 

TBR0050: No Wireless Account found.

What should I do?


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