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bundled services


bundled services

ATT chat said if i get a wireless phone and add it to my Uvere Home Phone & Internet i would save money. Uverse tv is not in my area so i can't bundle that way.

They didn't elaborate so i tweeted, they gave me a link but the link didn't work. Now they don't reply to my tweets. How much can i save? Why don't they reply to tweets? Is this what i can expect if i switch? They would be cheaper than my current carrier but i'm very concerned about support. I've read on Facebook customers having issues with coverage, billing & phone issues but no help. Maybe i would rarhter pay more & get support when needed.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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Re: bundled services

I am probably in the minority here but I've had good results with uverse customer service via telephone and email. I've never tried twitter or facebook to contact them but maybe they are not actively monitored more than here and there. Right now they have some good 2-yr pricing deals (12 month commitment required) and rewards card "cash" back for signing up. Hope you get some answers soon!

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