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Worth the $102 bucks


Worth the $102 bucks

Hi everyone!!!


I have had AT&T for one horrible year.  I was a Sprint customer for 7 years before and had great deals and great service, both coverage and customer service.  I switched to AT&T because of a deal on an iPhone and because they offered a greater employee discount---I work for the city. 


Today AT&T suspended my account, they shut off my phone, without an email, a text or a phone call.  I paid 2/3 of a large bill (which was so large because although AT&T promised one price and they charged another).  I wanted to schedule a payment but was unable due to AT&T own faulty online system.  I contacted them paid the measly amount they suspended me for and was informed that I would be charged a $40 fee.


I asked if the fee would be waived and the answer was no.  I asked how much it would be to break contract and they said $102. DEAL!


I promptly contacted Sprint, I was given a better plan and two new iPhone 5cs for FREE! So long AT&T.


By the way the employee discount that I switched for was never applied to my account.  When I signed up someone from AT&T entered my middle name as my last name so I could not be verified.  It took 4 months to change my last name.  I went to the store twice and called customer service countless times.  I was told that I would be given credit for the months I did not recieve my discount, didn't happen.  In fact I never recieved my discount at all and just gave up.  Dealing with AT&T's service department was not worth the 19% off.


So this message if not for the AT&T staff, as they roll their eyes at this post---what do they care they've been voted the worst so many times they must wallpaper their offices with memes that read "HATERS GONNA HATE."  If is for you who is fed up, counting the days until your contract is up, just break it, go be free.


I have made it point, since first dealing with AT&T last year to tell everyone who mentions they are looking for a new plan not to go to AT&T.  Frankly, most already know and don't need my warning, but I will keep on shouting it from the roof tops, and in case you haven't guessed, I can shout pretty loud.


Good luck to you all dealng with AT&T hades! Just remember, you don't have to stay here.



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Re: Worth the $102 bucks

I agree with you.
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Former Employee

Re: Worth the $102 bucks

Hello, yeahokay81!


Thanks for posting. It sounds like you haven't had the best experience getting your employee discount, and I'm very sorry to hear your service was suspended. If there is anything we can do to remedy the situation, please let us know by clicking here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Worth the $102 bucks

Thank you for your reply. But as I said, I signed up for sprint this morning right after I conversed with your rep Maria. And as soon as I have my new phone in hand (3-5 days) I will be heading down to one of your delightful stores to cancel my plan.  This is not bluster. This happened. 


A remedy would have worked this morning when I contacted AT&T.  All that needed to be done was to waive the $40.  I would have (unhappily) kept AT&T until my contract expired May 2015. , you would of had another $2500 of my cash for your subpar service.  But instead, as always, I was brushed off. Brushed off the same way I was with the name error, the employee discount, when my bill began to creep up and up.


It's amazing how a sales rep can show you a detailed data plan, give you one amount for you monthly bill and then when the bill comes around it is $30 more every month.  And as the customer you have no recourse. It's like you hired rumpelstiltskin to write your fine print.


AT&T has $2500 of my money.  They will get their $102, they will get the amount of my next bill, but they will not be getting that $40. Send it to collections.  I rather have my credit score go down ten points then give it to AT&T. 


I know this message will have no effect on your service team.  I'm just some person who was late with her bill, ONCE in a year, boohoo, it was my fault.  But I do hope anyone thinking about leaving AT&T will stumble across this and realize that $102 is a small price to pay to be treated like your business actually matters. 


Have a wonderful day.  Now that I have flounced, I must bounce.


[edited for privacy]


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Re: Worth the $102 bucks

Absolutely agree with you. I would do the same just like you. If customer service rep are not properly trained, then as being a company, you just fail big time.

Asking nicely sometime just not being appreciated. So, they have to see enough impact of losing more customers in order to really do something and Mae a change.
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