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Worst ATT Authorized Retail Store EVER!!!


Worst ATT Authorized Retail Store EVER!!!

I pre ordered a Note3, while being promised nothing on my bill will change, the manager changed my data plan from $45 per month to $90 per month.  When I noticed it on my paperwork I called the store.  Store had no idea what I was talking about, tried saying it was a prorated charge even though on my paperwork it states "ongoing monthly charges".  I use to sell nextel, sprint, and att phones and I know how to read a cell phone bill and I understand what a prorated charge is.  They got the manager Sam [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]on the phone and he told me Id have to come to his store before they could help me, I tried to explain I lived over 30mins away and driving to his store to look at the paperwork inwhich he made copies of for the store was unacceptable and I needed to be helped on the phone.  The manager had the nerve to tell me to return my purchase at the 1-800 number and go "

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myself".  This was totally uncalled for.  Here I am a loyal customer for 3+ years and trying to purchase the latest and greatest device and I am told to go " myself".  I hope this isnt the customer service ATT expects from its retail locations.  Fortunately for ATT I did call the 1-800 number and the Customer Service Manager saved my business.  I was ready to cancel my order and cancel my service.  Here is the location to avoid.  BUYER BEWARE!


ATT Authorized Retailer

4368 W Pierson Rd Ste 102

Flint, MI  48504


Store Manager


I also know moderators will read this and I would like to be contacted by someone who deals with your Authorized Retail locations in regards to how this Manager treats your customers.  I would be very surprised to find out no one cares about how your customers are being treated.  I am a moderator for a website and I know ALL threads and comments are read, I would like this forwarded to a team willing to listen to my experience.

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Re: Worst ATT Authorized Retail Store EVER!!!

Glad you got things worked out. You may want to send our Commuinty Manager ATTDmitriyCM a Private Message on this forum about your experience with the manager of the store. 



     we live & learn~

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Re: Worst ATT Authorized Retail Store EVER!!!

Thank you Dcookie.


Hello mmallets14, welcome to the forum and thank you for your post!


I'm sorry you were treated so poorly by this store's employees, we will definitely make sure the right people get your message. I received your private message and I will take care of it immediately.


Thanks again,


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Re: Worst ATT Authorized Retail Store EVER!!!

You're welcome, Dmitriy. 



     we live & learn~

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Re: Worst ATT Authorized Retail Store EVER!!!

Before yesterday, I didn't know a AT&T Authorized Retailer from an AT&T Corporate Store.  I know the difference now!  I frankly don't know why AT&T allows Authorized Retailers since they can damage the corporation's reputation and the staff are not AT&T employees.  We purchased our third iPhone for our 4-line Family Plan.  Unwittingly we went to the AT&T Store located at 4769 Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, KIssimmee, FL 34746.  We were assisted by Kendra who guided us through the process of activating the new iPhone.  We asked about tranferring the data, specifically pictures, from the old phone and she assured us twice this could easily be done at the Corporate AT&T Store nearby.  I was tempted to cancel the transaction and go to the Corporate Store to make our purchase, but she promised the data transfer would be easy, take less than 20 minutes, and the Corporate Store staff "don't mind since they do it all the time".  We went to the Corporate Store nearby on John Young Pkwy and were iformed the data transfer would not be quick and easy; moreover, the pictures could not be transferred in the store and we should do it ourselves using our home computer.  I had experienced the ordeal of saving pictures from one phone to the computer to an iPhone before which was exactly what I wanted to avoid.  I resented being lied to by Kendra at the AT&T Authorized Retailer solely for the purpose of making a sale.  I don't believe it was fair to expect the staff at the AT&T Corporate Store to fix the problems she created by giving false expectations.  I will never use an AT&T Authorized Retailer again and advise anyone else to avoid them.

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