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Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst


Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst

I am so angry with AT&T!  I haven't slept for two nights and I am constantly sick to my stomach.  Hearing, thinking, or talking about AT&T makes me physically ill. And yet it's all I can do! I have never been satisfied with this company! AT&T is the worst business I have ever done business. And if I am not compensated I will make it my personal vendetta to let the world know.

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Re: Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst

Outages happen with every provider.  This is what I do when I have an outage.  I wait for about 4 hours before I call in sometimes even more.  If it is a system outage they know it is out and you do not need to spend hours on the phone telling them the cable is out.  Most outages I have had have been under an hour.  That is just me.  I have other things I can do and won't die if the cable is out.  After all it is only TV and there is life outside of the TV.

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Re: Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst

april.provell wrote:

I am so angry with AT&T!  I haven't slept for two nights and I am constantly sick to my stomach.  Hearing, thinking, or talking about AT&T makes me physically ill. And yet it's all I can do! I have never been satisfied with this company! AT&T is the worst business I have ever done business. And if I am not compensated I will make it my personal vendetta to let the world know.

Over dramatic much? Seriously, you come in here ranting about nothing.  How about explaining what your situation is and we can steer you in the right direction.  


As for your personal vendetta, I'm sure you have AT&T shaking in their boots.

” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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Re: Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst

Dramatics is the only way I could get anyone to help! Made 7 phone calls over the course of 8 days and everyone told me to just wait, there is nothing more they can do. No one seems to know the way things operate within the company. I have had several issues and it seems I have to point out every issue to an average of three employees before I receive a bandaid fix and I compromise every time. 

The issues started when I walked into a Radio Shack in North Sacramento CA and signed up for service.  I had a preplanned service for ten years prior since I was 16. I thought I was ready for a "grownup" plan since I was no longer a teenager and had stable income.  My husband and I wanted to keep our numbers since we had built business relationships with these numbers. AT&T failed to catch one out of the two numbers that were released. Resulting in six hours of on the phone research.  I was very understanding and went home without one working phone for the night.  To stress the importance of this comprise, I was 37 weeks pregnant and now had no phone.  I went back the next day and was told that it would take undetermined amount of hours to locate the number and it was possible the number would not even be available. I was suggested the BEST way to proceed was to receive a new number.  I did. I took the new number and explained to all my business contacts that I had been involved in a computer glitch which resulted in my number change.  I waited for another hour and a half to apply the new number to the already existing account with my successful ported number.  I was told (by Radio Shack) to call within the next week to follow up on the account and make sure it's was done correctly.  I did.  It was not. AT&T had created two accounts for me. I had asked for one shared account with two numbers and did not have it, despite the fact I had went home with out a phone, changed my number for everyone's convenience, spent seven and a half hours on this, and paid AT&T for all this inconvenience. I was instructed that it was policy to wait 30 days before any changes could be made to the new accounts. I would be called in 30 days on the 3rd of September which was a Monday.  I said "That should be OK. I am pregnant and due on the 24th and should be home by then but there is a chance I might not be available if the baby was sick (my first spent 10 days in icu) or if she was late." I was told that it would all be fine,  if I was unavailable then I could reschedule.  On Tuesday the 4th of September I received my scheduled call, unforseen was a red letter holiday when I was given my schedule date o. The 3rd. I was told at this time there was no way to merge the two accounts, because some brilliant person gave me a number in a different market then my original ported number.  I was suggested to change another number or keep everything the way it was which would have been a waste of my money each month because AT&T made a mistake. I said no. I was also suggested that in October there would be a program launched with the capability to do what I needed.  I asked if they could wave the extra reoccurring charges until this was able to be done. No can do. My thoughts at this point is I should not pay extra to be a test goat on a new program, especially since the people asking me to pay more are the very one's that created my situation. I said my husband was not home since you are a day late with my scheduled call, I will need to contact him to see which number to change.  Well my baby was late and I went into labor.  So as I'm in the hospital with my new baby,  I have the stress of my unresolved AT&T account. I felt pressed to call back to resolve the situation readily in order to avoid accountability of the over charges occurring everyday. I called back the first business day I was home and changed my second number, again reaching out to all my business accounts with the unfortunate paperwork of this Pandora's Box I opened. 

OK. Relief my account is as it should have been 5 weeks ago. Then the bills (there are two bills, one for each account that was created) came in. I call in which I was transferred around, calls were dropped, countless hours of time  and several attempts to tell my story to every representative I speak with. Finally I get the overage dropped (for the second account, I never asked for) and pay my fair portion of the bill, which includes a $40 phone charge.  This was October.  So in November I received another bill with prorated charges that occurred in the different billing cycles I was put on since my accounts were created on two different days, refer to me going home without a phone on day one. I call again. However I had paid the full $40 on the other bill already,  my call was dropped twice, because that's how fantastic my "grownup" phone service was and I was transferred three times.  The first time I was supposed to be transferred to the billing dispute department and was transferred to the original que in with I had already waited in, at this time I'm shaking with anger and informed the rep that I needed a competent person that was not wearing their butt as a hat. I understand the lack if tact with this. In my defense, this was the forth month of this problem and nobody seemed to understand that there would be rippling affects of this situation and I was so furious I threw up. I was correctly transfered to the billing dispute department in which I was insulted with insinuations that I could not afford my bill. I tried to explain to the person that it is not about affordability it was the fact I was being charged for an AT&T mistake.  She adjusted, more than I was asking for and insulted me again with the phrase "can you handle your bill now?" I knew I was not going to get anywhere. I got the charges reversed so it is what it is.

Finally by December I had baby stepped AT&T customer care through the situation and I was receiving correct bills.  

My HTC One was wonderful but...There was no water proof case.  I have come to realize I need a water proof case with small children in the house to protect my phone. We started investigating our phone options and even went to Radio Shack, AT&T store and called customer service representative too. If I were to purchase a phone from AT&T they would charge me full retail price of $600 plus a $36 activation fee and there was another $250 charge that could not be explained. We were told that my number that was merged into the other account was no longer under contract and we had an upgrade available.  We looked into that and it was a discounted $199 phone but we would also loose the $25 discount that was recently added to all customers in February,  two years this is a total of $799. Not to mention there was that $250 fee again. Or I could by the phone from an independent for $400. This is a way better deal and we were told that all we had to do was change the sim card. We could also call AT&T and have them associate the new phone with the account but it was not necessary for function.  So we got the phone service and changed the sim card. Now I had a HTC One that was not being used.  So I sold it. The individual I sold the phone to is having problems because AT&T has it locked.  So I requested an unlock. I was declined because my phone had not completed its contract.  I was never told this. Not from the beginning. Not from anyone I spoke with at Radio Shack.  Not anyone from costumer care. Not anyone from the AT&T store! I was aware that I was under contract I was not aware that there were restrictions on my phone.  I was told I was buying a phone for a discount because I was committing to pay AT&T service charges for 24 months and if I faulted I would be sent to collections and my credit would be hit. Now I find out I really do not own the phone but instead I am making payments on the phone. In fact I was told I was no longer under contract on that line, hence the upgrade availability. I wanted to keep my service and unlock my phone.  I was transferred to three different customer care reps only to be told there was no way AT&T was going to budge on this. Considering the amount of comprises I have done for the grand opportunity to continue to pay you each month, I was upset to say the least.  I was told that I could pay the early termination fee and get the phone unlocked this way. I said if this is the only way you will loose me as a customer. I have compromised and compromised. I am 27 years old and plan on having a phone for decades. And decades!  I was told that they would be sorry to see me go but it was the only way. So I said just terminate the contract today. I asked if I needed to pay or will I be billed because I needed this done. She said that I will be billed and the service has been canceled with the early termination fee applied. I would just need to submit the unlock request until I received acceptance.  A few days later I called again and explained that I was still not able to get an unlock.  I was told the request was in and it could take 5 business days.  I again was unhappy that this was not told to me up front. However, 5 days didn't seem so bad since it had already been two or three since we had canceled service.  I waited patiently. Five days went by from my cancelation date.  I called and was told that I needed to pay the termination fee first. I am getting very angry at this point.  I said, I asked, she said I would be billed,  I've tried to get online and pay there is nothing I can pay. I was then told the billing cycle had not processed. I am furious.  I temporarily lost control of my words.  I started shaking uncontrollably. Nothing no one could do!? I feel straight up lied to. I get disconnected. I call back.  I tell the rep my problems and say I feel the company has stolen from me. I feel awful.  This goes on for two hours. Finally I am told that I can pay the pending fee and then I can unlock my phone.  I tell the rep I don't trust this company and if anyone should be trusted in this business relationship it should be me. I ask what am I to do? At this point it would be cheaper to give the individual his money back and let you try to take me to collections.

I really don't won't that headache so I finally suck up my tears and paid the bill. So my payment was successful.  You have my money.  I am then told that I can not unlock my phone until the billing cycle processes and is cleared in all departments. I have paid AT&T the bills and the fees to be done with processes and procedures and policy.  I cannot pay you to stop harassing me. AT&T is keeping my property on lock down. I have paid for it. I am loosing sleep and am throwing up. I am sick to my stomach.  I need help this situation.  I do not understand after everything I have been through I am expected to sit at home patiently for two weeks.  Which is the amount of time I was informed I would need to wait to receive the rights to use my property as I please. 

After post the "dramatics" on this forum I see an AT&T store while driving. I go in and finally get a code from the manager. This was the first guy in 11 months that actually "helped" me. One guy in 11 months after paying thousands of dollars. AT&T is ran by thieves.
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Re: Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst



So this is over a wireless plan you purchased at Radio Shack and has nothing to do with UVerse?


Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you. Please include your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. It may take up to 48 hours for them to respond and please take into account weekends when contacting them.  


Customer care is not the same as customer service. They are a dedicated escalation team that gets issues resolved when other means have failed.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.



” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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Re: Who Do I Complain To???? AT&T Is The Worst

Wow. I asked an uncountable amount of times "who else can I talk too?" "Can I speak to someone higher up" it wasn't until I was raving, lunatic, vomiting mad did I start to to post on anything that would let men, that had anything to do with AT&T. I have located the ceo email and I am now deal with the direct office. Yet it is a little late. I have already canceled my service and have spent the last 11 months disgruntled. Which has stolen my dignity, my peace of mind and my image. I have received more corporation and helpful suggestions since I left AT&T then when they were receiving a monthly payment from me. As a whole AT&T is ran by several incompetent, ignorant individuals. I have found about 4 people that are respectful and are sufficient at their job. I spoke to at least a 100 customer care reps if any of them had suggested someone else I would have been glad to speak with them. But in fact I was told numerous time "this is policy" "there is not a magical button I can push and take care of this for you" there is no special tool to do what you are asking"
I am sorry this is not a u-verse problem and thanks for the information.
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