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Where can I post store reviews?


Where can I post store reviews?

I had a terrible experience in the ATT store located in loop 281 in Longview Texas.


It was so bad, that I am switching to Sprint mobile.


Where can I post reviews for this terrible customer service?





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Re: Where can I post store reviews?

Hello @engzapata Welcome to the Forums!


I'm very sorry about your bad experience, you can send me a private message by clicking here and I'll be able to forward your feedback to the right people.


Thank you,




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Re: Where can I post store reviews?

Before you switch to Sprint you might want to check to see if they have coverage in your areaSmiley Happy

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Re: Where can I post store reviews?

Few things to check out before you make changes:

Is this store OWNED by AT&T (just because it says AT&T on it doesn't mean it's owned by AT&T; ie., The store's sign could say, "AT&T Authorized Dealer" and somewhere else, it'll say "owned by xxxxxx")
If this is the case, simply go to a different store, because any AT&T owned stores have a much higher customer satisfaction.

You can post your reviews... somewhere like "Google+ Reviews", or "Yellow Pages", or "Angie's List"

To be quite honest, I just think you're slightly overreacting and you can easily go to a different store, or even talk to the manager of the store.

You may also want to check your account for any Early Termination Fees or Contracts that you may have.... Paying two early termination fees can cost upwards of $300+ a piece, and those fees won't be waived for "upset customer" or "bad store experience".
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