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What is City ID?


What is City ID?

I just can't find a place to put this, but I figure the AT&T folks'll put it somewhere. After a call, City ID comes up. What is this?

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Re: What is City ID?

How do you call that a solution!? Posting nonsense like that just marks a thread as solved that really isn't.

City ID installed itself onto my phone without permission. I called and a rep told me is was part of some partnership between ATT and some other company. I never clicked to start a free trial, just pressed the center button and swiped the screen to close it. Since it did not appear to exist under running processes or installed apps The rep suggested that it was probably not on my phone anymore. 10 days later it opened itself again saying the trial has ended. Seriously, trial for what? Nothing changed. Anyway, when I pressed decline it stays open. When I swipe my finger across the screen after pressing the Home button then it will appear to close, but since it installs itself in the background without showing its own existence there is no menu. There are no options, it is not listed under apps or anywhere else. All that does is eat my battery and bandwidth.

A real solution would be telling me how to get rid of this garbage, and to tell me how I can block ATT from hacking my phone. I am sick and tired of these random stupid apps being installed on to my phone without my permission. I am NOT leasing this phone from AT&T, I purchased it from AT&T. This is in direct violation of the federal, Spam Act. You do not have the legal authority to install random spyware and junk on to peoples phones. If its acting like a virus, then it is a virus.

If you want to offer me an app, that's different, but unless and until I decide that I want it running it is not to be running.
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Re: What is City ID?

City ID just popped up on my LG G2 for the first time.  It is an ATT branded G2, but it is unlocked and on the Consumer Cellular (which uses ATT).


I have had the phone about 10 days now.


City ID is not in the Google Play Apps list.  It is not listed as an app on my phone.  My Caller ID did not show city or state info.  


What caused this app to suddenly surface and then just as suddenly disappear?  Is this a virus or malware?

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Re: What is City ID?

I have an HTC One. I found the app under Settings, Apps, ALL (at the bottom of the screen). I didn't find an option to uninstall it but had options to Force Stop and Disable. Hope this helps.

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Re: What is City ID?

There is no such option on my Samsung Evergreen (A667).  Only [Yes] to subscribe or [Continue Trial], which is a trial of my patience to be sure.  Only eight more days of this annoying little parasite.

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Re: What is City ID?

This solution is worthless for use on my Samsung Evergreen (A667).  The only options given are [Yes], to subscribe or [Continue Trial].  Just eight more days of this worthless annoying parasite, I hope.

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