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What Happened to At&t Wireless?


What Happened to At&t Wireless?

I've got 6 phones a on a family plan, and a tablet.  Years ago, At&t was the best wireless company here, hands down.  They even had 'earned upgrades' as a little reward for loyal customers.


We've been loyal customers for years and years.  We've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on plans, phones, tablets etc. 


My iPhone died (just stopped charging/iTunes stopped recognizing it, tried the reboots etc.).  A second iPhone on another of our lines is dying a slow death, at another of our residences.  I don't blame At&t for Apple's deficiences. I'm disabled, and can't make it to a store for a new phone.  I called "customer service" before my phone died for good, tonight to buy a new phone. I was shuffled off the phone politely but promptly -- even after accurately and calmly relaying my issues.  I need a phone for 911 and emergency purposes, as well as for basic communication/business etc.  I only mention the disability to highlight how integral a phone is for my quality of life (not for special considerations or sympathies). 


Moreover, At&t's internet connection speeds seem to be slower, and wireless seems to be much spottier (in my experience).


At&t used to have great service/customer service.  And much more reliable hardware.  I used to work for At&t Wireless as a teen, in the early 2000's -- I had a huge amount of pride knowing how hard we worked and cared for our customers.  Today's At&t is shockingly unrecognizable to me.  Today was a slap in the face with their "customer service" agent's utter lack of care and helpfulness.  They made no attempt to help me obtain another one -- quite the contrary.


Are we better off cancelling (we're not under contract anymore)?  What's happened to them?  Are we better off with a competitor these days?  Sad.  I don't know what else to say. 

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ACE - Expert

Re: What Happened to At&t Wireless?

I have to pop the bubble....

earned upgrades?   No.  You got discounted upgrades at regular intervals to keep you perpetually under contract to ATT.  Even brand new customers could get that.  No need to be around any more than the 2 year contract.

Those days are gone with all carriers.  Contracts are gone.  

Discounted phones have been replaced with discounted service and phone's must be purchased at full price.    Promotions on phones are offered to lure customers away from an old carrier and old plans.  

Do your homework.  

People switch and then complain because they didn't get what they expected.   They think a new carrier will be cheaper, but it isn't.  All carriers run about the same, prices, policies, etc. 



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