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Upgrading phones with AT&T is not good customer service


Upgrading phones with AT&T is not good customer service

I have 5 lines using the Next service.  10GB data, unlimited talk and text...what AT&T does not tell you is when you wnat to upgrade a phone, you are not allowed to upgrade within the Next plan.  You must signup and purchase a new plan for your upgraded phone.  My example, We keep my inlaws phones on our account as they help with our children and that is the least we can do for them.  My Mom in law's flip phone is old by any standard and she is eligible for an upgrade per the AT&T website.  However, an upgrade within the Next program is not an is a full price purchase.  If I pull her out and select a new 2 year contract we then the price become reasonable.  It is outragaous that AT&T would price gouge like that and I am a very dissatisfied customer.   My wife wants to explore using Verizon as they have said they would upgrade within reason any of our current phones much less the two lines I need to add for my other kids.  That would make 7 lines on our account.  I spoke with AT&T chat and customer service and they are pretty much useless.  They simple follow their scripted lines.  It appears the only way to get anything done with AT&T is to start the cancelling process.  I will do that one phone at a time untill my contracts have expired.  Then move everything to Verizon.

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Re: Upgrading phones with AT&T is not good customer service

It might save you more money to stay on att until all contracts are up and then move to verizon. You'd have two separate talk plans if you do what you're suggesting. 



Sorry, just read it again, but not sure how you can cancel one at a time and then move everything over to verizon. They'd need to be active to do that. 

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