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Upgrade iPhone and use old one for added line


Upgrade iPhone and use old one for added line

i want to upgrade my iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 and give the 6 to my son for his first phone. My phone is eligible for upgrade in about 6 months. Am I correct in assuming I can continue paying on my iPhone 6 and begin paying on the 7 at the monthly costs I see on the shopping section of the website?And the other additional cost would be for the new phone plan and added data. Want to see if this is possible before waiting in a store.
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‎12-07-2016 9:59 AM

Re: Upgrade iPhone and use old one for added line

You would have to pay off the iPhone 6, unless you want to buy the new phone on the new line, then you can continue to pay for both at once.  ATT doesn't care which line you use a phone on, but you can only have one Next agreement on a line and can't move the Next installment. 



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