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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6


Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I am no longer under contract with AT&T so I don't understand why I have to pay $40 to "upgrade" to the iPhone 6. I can just take my business to Verizon or another carrier and not have to pay the $40. Is anyone else bothered by this unnecessary charge?

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You're going to pay an activation fee then an upgrade fee...

You're going to pay an activation fee then an upgrade fee of 30 2 years later at verizon.
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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Fee is waived when phone is bought at full retail. Fee is charged when the phone is discounted. So that proves that the fee is to only squeeze more money out of loyal customers. It's not as if the fee is charged for man hours put into a phone that is upgraded. Rediculous fee!

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Also found this to be super ridiculous! I am not under contract and updated to the iphone 6. So you're basically telling me I have to pay a fee to be under contract. Disappointed.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I can understand the upgrade fee but charging it weeks before you actually get the phone? Seriously?
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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I find this whole thing to be ripoff as well..


I have 3 iPhones (a 3g, 4 and 5) on 3 lines and 10GB of shared data, unlimited talk/text.

My 3g has out of contract for 2 years, my 4 has been out of contract for 6 months, and my 5 is almost out of contract. 


I pay $145.00 plus tax p/m so it comes to $157.00 p/m.


I wanted to upgrade my 4 to a 5c (cause that was the cheapest iPhone that wasn't refurbished. 


I did an online chat with two representatives.

A. The first one said I would lose my mobile share value discount if i upgraded with a 2-year Contract, so I would be paying $25 more per/month if upgraded that phone.


B. The next rep said, no I wouldn't lose any discount, cause i was eligible for an upgrade with a 2-year Contract.


C. So I called AT&T today on the phone and the Rep said yes, i would lose the discount if i upgraded to the 2 Year Contact. She said I would pay an extra $25 p/m. She then tried to convince me that ATT Next was cheaper overall. (Sure it is!) She then sent me a link to an online ATT Next vs 2 Year Calculater... (Screen Shot below). 
After pulling up the iPhone 5c (which is valued at $450.00 on ATT Website), if i did a 2-Year Contract the phone would cost me (with "ACCESS" fees) $1000.99!!!! What a freaking RIP-OFF!
And with the Next Program (24 mo) it would cost $720.00, so still $270.00 more than the cost of the phone. What the heck is going on???
So to finance the phone through ATT it would cost me more than 50% more than the retail value of the phone, and to do a 2-Year Contract it would cost me 100% more than the retail value of the  phone. Seriously???

So where is my Upgrade Eligibilty?

Wow, seems like the only option then is to buy whatever iPhone you can afford directly from Apple, and then get the family plan with lowest amount of data you can deal with, in order to actually pay a reasonable monthly charge...

My head is spinning looking at the online Calculator.


I've been with ATT for probably 7-8 years now, never had this kind of issue with them, since this NEXT non-sense came around. 

AT&T has jumped the shark!

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.04.26 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.04.46 PM.png

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

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You've created this mess and run off customers.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Just remember to tell anyone planning on switching to AT&T about this ridiculous "one time/each time fee"

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

that $720 cost is misleading, that INCLUDES the monthly plan cost, which you would be paying even if you didn't upgrade. with NEXT, you pay the full price of the phone but keep the $25 per month discount.

If you think about the phone cost over 24 months, the phone is still $450, but with the subsidized cost, there is the upfront cost of the phone + $40 upgrade fee + the $25 per month loss of discount (24 x 25 = $600), you are money way ahead to do NEXT.

AT&T (and most of the other providers) have done away with subsidizing phone cost. One way or another, you are going to pay for the phone, either by paying full price with NEXT, or losing the out of contract discount for 24 months. The choice is yours.

This is a user to user forum. I am a user, just like almost everyone else on the site.
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*I am not an AT&T employee, and the views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I recently upgraded my phone with ATT which was a mess and they tried to sell me the New Next plan which I didn't get because you have to return the phone in good, working condition if you choose to upgrade within the 20 to 24 month time frame before the phone is paid off which sounds more like renting a phone to me. The Next plan might sound good but I can't seem to find a description or picture of what ATT expects the phones to look like when they are returned to upgrade and although I always have taken amazing care of my phones it's currently unclear with all the bad reviews I've read about ATT lately what the repercussions will be if you're, as I call it, "rented" phone will be accepted to even process a new upgrade. Buyer beware!
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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I too am a long time AT&T customer. 


First:  Activation fees are charged when you are a NEW customer, they should not be charged for existing customers.  This fee is an "Upgrade" fee which is rediculous.  I've upgraded my phones every 2 years and never had any issues with AT&T.  This was not explained to me by Apple or Target where I purchased my new phones.  I got $120 in one time charges for "upgrade" fees to convert 3 of my 5 lines to iPhone 6's


Second:  I had a family plan with AT&T that gave me a discount of $25 per line that I lost doing this upgrade.  All I did was upgrade my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6.  Do you think anyone explained that doing this upgrade would cancel this discount?  No, of course not, why would they - if every AT&T customer knew this they would no longer be AT&T customers.  They can't just change your plan without you knowing just because you upgraded your phone, that's rediculous.


The AT&T Next program is not for me.  I don't want to "lease" my phone and increase my monthly payment.  Although now I'm paying $75 more a month on what's supposed to be my family plan.  


I'm sick of companies doing this just becasue they can.  We are all not lawyers (or at least most of us aren't), so we don't sit at the store and read page after page of legal jargon when purchasing an upgraded phone (I'm assuming that somewhere in that if you asked you would find it - but who knows).  Legally they need to explain things to you as normal people (that's what I was told).  These fees should have been explained to me and they should have told me that my plan would essentially be cancelled and my discount would be lost.


I submitted to the BBB, I suggest everyone do the same as a "shame on you" to AT&T.  I also submitted to local news stations to see if one of them will pick up the story and show the viewers what AT&T is doing without their customers knowlege.  I don't know if it will go anywhere but I'm hoping it will.  If we want to make a difference, I suggest we all submit our stories to the media.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Another happy AT&T customer I see, I too have a thread here due to their lousy attitude towards long time loyal consumers.. I've been with AT&T for over a decade, I have 5 lines and when I switched plans I was told by the ATT rep the line that was already well overdue for a upgrade will be upgraded like I always did when I wanted to upgrade(pay $199 agree to 2 year contract) but when I tried 2 weeks ago I was told I had to either lose the discount on that line ($20 a month) or as you put it LEASE it for 24-30 months...  Both options suck!!

Guess what AT&T's Customer Support say about the AT&T rep misleading me about upgrading my elidgable line, "we're sorry you were misinformed but we could enroll you in the Next Plan" omg really???

That's how you treat long time loyal customers???     Not only did they NEVER try and make good for one of they're reps misleading/lying me they actually tried  to get me to jack up my monthly bill with one of they're new upgrade plans!!!

I will be taking my 5 lines to another carrier after the holiday season..

Anyone know how I can contact JD Powers!!!

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Yes, both Verizon and ATT charge an upgrade fee of $40.00.  The issue we have is that you can switch carriers and pocket $150.00 or remain with you carrier lose the 150.00 and pay them 40.00 for the pleasure.  


That is why people are upset, that and they train their employees to say ATT Next which costs yo u a whole lot more than buying the phone outright.  We feel insulted, I recognize this is the way they do business, but our issue is that they treat their existing customers worse than someone who is not a customer.


This is just like the cable companies, very frustrating.  I am figuring out if I want to bounce between carriers every couple years since they don't implement loyalty programs to keep me.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

This is the WORST policy ever. Instead of thanking customers for renewal, AT&T is charging a fee?

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Hi All,


This thread sums up the general issue for long time customers. I have been with AT & T since the cingular days. I am also distraught about the fact that at this point no matter what I do as far as an upgrade my monthly fee will go up. You would hope after 15 plus years that they would have a solution that does not mean raising your bill between $15-20. I would prefer to pay the one time upgrade fee than pay more monthly for the next 2 years. When will an AT & T higher up do the right thing and reward loyalty? 

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I just found this out too. I thought it was a joke. Why am I being penalized by AT&T for this? I have been with them for 10 years!!  I was a supervisor from AT&T to explain why AT&T uses are being penalized!!


[Please keep it courteous]

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