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Upgrade fee for iPhone 6


Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I am no longer under contract with AT&T so I don't understand why I have to pay $40 to "upgrade" to the iPhone 6. I can just take my business to Verizon or another carrier and not have to pay the $40. Is anyone else bothered by this unnecessary charge?

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I hear you. I was about to order and noticed that $40 fee...

I hear you. I was about to order and noticed that $40 fee. Cancelled the order. What a joke, I am not under contract either.
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Re: I hear you. I was about to order and noticed that $40 fee...

The funny thing is I'm a Verizon retiree and could get a discount on my plan through them but I've been with AT&T for more than 10 years. You would think that loyalty would be rewarded, instead you're expected to pay to continue on with them. Crazy! Frankly, don't see the value in remaining a customer.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

So, let me get this straight.  I've been with AT&T wireless around 10 years, am no longer under contract, and I'm also scheduled to have AT&T cable/internet U Verse installed tomorrow.  


And I'm going to be charged a $40 upgrade fee to keep my service with them????   I'm shopping around and putting my upgrade/installation on hold. 





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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Switch to Verizon, as a new customer you will get an iPhone way cheaper. This new "upgrade" scam is awful, if you pay per month, you pay more than Apple charges for the phone!
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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Where have you folks been?  AT&T and Verizon have been charging this activation fee for years.  Started out at about $20 and has climbed to $40.  Good luck finding a telco in USA that doesn't charge one.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Hello everyone,


A one time upgrade fee of $45 is charged when you upgrade with a discount and a two year contract. With AT&T Next the upgrade fee is $15.


Click here for a activation and upgrade fees support page.


Thank you!


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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

This guy is saying this like we getting crazy deal with the Iphone but its for same price everywhere but without the upgrade fee. Tomorrow I'm going to Sprint to switch over and also this Iphone trade in program is total garbage and the $40 upgrade fee is really dumn specail for us that been with AT&T for over 10 years. I'm beyond glad I'm not in contract with ATT and I'm getting $100 credit from Spring for each line I switch. 

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.56.30 PM.png


Just make sure you know what your getting yourself into before you go switching to sprint. 


*$36 activation fee per line.


*Yeah, you get a $100 credit for each line that you move to Sprint, but you will not get the credit until the 1st or 2nd bill AFTER your 61st day of moving your numbers over to Sprint. 

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

Yeah it's pretty silly they gouge people with unnecessary fees but unfortunately Verizon and Sprint also charge $40 and $36 dollar upgrade fees. T-Mobile is the only major carrier out of the 4 of them that doesn't charge any upgrade fees.


Take note if you've been a long time customer you can always try livechatting or calling and asking to get it waived, if you don't get through to anybody the first time try again and don't accept anything less than what you want.


Additionally if you have a Corprate or Union FAN Premier account check your Premier discounts at the Premier Store, as many accouns are entitled to get their upgrade fees waived but AT&T only does it if you ask for that benefit.


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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6


ATT is trying to rob you. Look past the $40 fee. They want to charge you an additional $15, $25, or $50 for the plan you already have. I went in to upgrade and they told me this and I asked what are you talking about and kept saying I dont understand and they stood their with their Ipads and asked what don;t you understand. Apparently we all have some savings on our share plans that we cannot have with the 6. Even if you are in the middle of your contract and just upgrading like me which I have a 5 and all I want to do is keep my plan and get the 6 it would cost me $25 more dollars a month. Not gonna do it. If you go with next and keep everything the same you have to pay $35 a month on top of your service charges. This is crap and the big guy trying to rob the little guy. Hey guys just wait it out or just go somewhere else but Att and the apple store wanna bees don't deserve your hard earned dollars or time.

Guys please let me know your read this. Att is infamous for telling you a half truth until you have fully committed and now they got you. Dont fall for their tricks...
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AT&T Hidden Fees and Blatant Lies

After over 10 years with AT&T, I will be switching carriers because of the egregious lies and poor customer service associated with a recent "free upgrade".  I have been receiving mailings for almost two years now, since my last phone upgrade was four years ago in November of 2010, telling me that I was eligible for an upgrade. While my iPhone 4 was working well, I wanted faster processing speed, so I went to my local AT&T store to get the 5s...


I spoke with a sales associate who assured me that I WAS eligible for an upgrade, it WOULDN'T impact my current plan, and there WOULDN'T be any additional associated costs besides the new device.  I paid my $100 and took home my new phone...


15 days later at the end of my billing cycle, I saw a $40 "one time upgrade fee" on my account.  SURELY, THERE HAD TO BE A MISTAKE.  With years of good-standing history with the company, I took it on faith that they would remedy the situation.  NOT EVEN CLOSE. Smiley Sad


  • Spoke with the store associate: He told me that AT&T's been adding "upgrade fees" since he's been there and there's no way to remove it. Not Comforting. 
  • Spoke with the manager: After I explained the original transaction, he called me a liar, telling me he "just didn't believe that the conversation would happen with his staff".  Not Curtious or Customer Centered.
  • Spoke with AT&T Customer Care: They told me to speak with the store. Refused to transfer me to a supervisor because "it would do no good anyway".  Not Helpful.

I have been blatantly lied to about the terms of my upgrade.  This is the last time I will be duped by AT&T.  

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

I've been under contract for 10 years with only one upgrade...I think they've gotten their fair share from me over the years.  


I can understand that they need to protect themselves from losing money with people upgrading, then switching, but that's exactly what they're driving me to do by lying to me about hidden fees!


I agree that it's an unnecessary charge.  They're getting my business, signed onto a 2 year agreement.  That should cover it...I should have to pay for the pleasure of doing business with them.  My long-standing relationship is now over. 

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

You guys botched this iPhone 6 communication so horribly on this Next that you need to make it right and go back to the early buyers and offer them help.  10 people in my neighborhood are screaming never again on AT&T.


I paid $322 for the phone at Apple, got a massively confusing text from you guys with no real explanation for what it meant to me as yoru bills are a mess....next thing I know my bill goes up $25 a month because I locked in and signed a two year contract.  Plus I get billed $40 for the privaledge to get my "free upgrade."  In two years, when I take my business elsewhere, I'll have paid $962 for the iPhone 6 free upgrade (68gig).  This is more than the phone retails for....just criminal.

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Re: Upgrade fee for iPhone 6

There is no such thing as a "free upgrade". AT&T lowered the prices of the Mobile Shared Data Plans and with that no longer subsidize phones. One way or another, you will pay for the phone. (Most of the other providers are doing the same thing.). You pay full price for the phone, using NEXT over 20 to 24 months, in which you can keep your $15 to $25 out of contract discount and you don't pay the $40 "upgrade" fee.

If you choose to get a subsidized phone, you lost the $15 to $25 out of contract discount and pay the upgrade fee.

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