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Unable to upgrade or sell phone


Unable to upgrade or sell phone

Hi I have upgraded to a new phone for a bout 2 months and I don't like the phone any more.

So I thought I could sell the phone and just buy a new one, either an unlocked one or make another upgrade on AT&T

But neither of those two ways works..

1. They say if I sell the phone, the buyer will not be able to use the phone because my name is still on the phone.

2. And if I want to upgrade , they say I can't do that until this September.



Any advice?

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Re: Unable to upgrade or sell phone

You are able to sell your current phone in order to get a new one. Never mind your "personal information" - as long as you delete anything personal from the phone, it's just another stock manufactured phone, basically. Your name/account is tied to your SIM card, not the phone. You would just take your SIM card out and sell the phone as-is (with all included manuals, charger, etc., of course).


You cannot upgrade earlier than your set upgrade eligibility date. Until then, you can purchase another phone from AT&T/an unlocked one to use.


In summary, yes, you are able to sell your current phone to get another.


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