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Transferring grandfathered data plan to new device


Transferring grandfathered data plan to new device


I was recently given an unlocked Moto G as a gift.  I am a member of an old family plan and have a grandfather unlimited data plan that I don't want to lose.  


Can I simply transfer my SIM to the Moto G and not have to worry about losing the plan?


Thanks for the help!


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Re: Transferring grandfathered data plan to new device

Hello seantkezm!,

Congratulations on the giftSmiley Happy 

Now for the SIM inquiry here I would suggest one of 2 things, you could bring your new phone to your nearest AT&T store to see if you absolutely need a new SIM.  It is recommended that you get a new SIM anytime you get a new phone because it helps avoid service related issues caused by old SIM cards.  The connections on SIM cards can corrode over time and cause issues with service that are not so fun.  If you bring it to the store also they should also be able to activate the phone right then and there for you with the new SIM. 

The other option would be to call (800 331 0500) or chat in to request a new SIM to use or if you really don't want a new SIM and this phone is compatible with your old SIM (and you understand the risks in service)  they may be able to update that information for you to use the new phone.

Now the key thing here is your data.  If you want to keep that unlimited data plan AT&T is pretty cool like that in letting you keep it.  There is a qualifier here though, you need to keep using smartphones.  If you change to a basic phone you would have the basic phone data options which would not be the same as smartphone options and that unlimited smartphone data plan would be lost. 

I know you said you have a Moto G, from some research here at:



This does appear to be a smartphone so you would be able to keep that same unlimited plan.  Always be sure to confirm this in store/phone/chat to be 100% sure.

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Re: Transferring grandfathered data plan to new device

You dont lose your grandfather plan because you switch a phone. You will be able to keep the grandfathered data plan as long as your account is in good standing, and that you dont remove the feature or ask anyone to remove it for you.


There is down side for switching sim card into a different phone. Sometime, the signals might be weak, and you cant get any reception on the phone. You might experience more drop calls. You might not be able to use 4G LTE data instead you might be using the 2 G or 3G data speed. Sme phone dont have the same frequency, so you might not be able to use it at all. Bottom line is, you can switch phone, and you will be able to keep your grandfathered data plan, but you might face problem of using the network under att. 

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Re: Transferring grandfathered data plan to new device

Thanks so much guys for the info!!!


I did a little bit of research on the matter (although I am not super tech savy).  I got a US GSM Moto G as opposed to the international GSM.  In addition, it is one of the new Moto G's that has 4G and a microSD card slot.  


Someone told me that I would be able to use the 4G, but that it would have to be keyed in by an ATT employee at a company store.  Is this true?  I don't reeeallly need 4G, but it would be awesome to have the option. 


Again, thanks so much for the help


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Re: Transferring grandfathered data plan to new device

I don't think is true that you need an employee from att to help you make the device to use under 4G network.

It is your device, is either it can be on 4G network or it doesn't. There's no such saying that you can't get it on the 4G network, and when the employee of att help you, and you can get on the 4G. Well, of course, I'm excluding people that's super tech savvy. But for most part, is unlikely for something like this to happen.

The 4G network is determine base on the phone and the network that's already on place.

Therefore, you just need the correct instruction as to what information you need and where to put those information on the device. Then you will be all set.

Hope this answer your questions.
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