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Text message troubleshooting


Text message troubleshooting

My husband's phone isn't receiving text msgs when they are sent. Sometimes he won't receive them till days later and it shows the date sent as the day he got it but that's not when it was sent. This has happened several times now and i'm getting really frustrated because there are times when I really need to get ahold of him and I can't. He doesn't get incoming calls too sometimes. I don't know what is going on? Any ideas?

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Re: Text message troubleshooting

Hello, 4mygrls!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that your husband's phone seems to be acting up. Here are a few things you can try.


1. If it's a smartphone, perform a soft reset. This is different from a factory (or "hard") reset because it will not erase the information on the phone. For more information on how to perform a soft reset, just let us know what kind of phone you have so we can send you the correct information.


2. If it's a smartphone, check for any software updates that might be pending.


3. Replace the SIM card. You can do this at any corporate AT&T store if you're the account holder or an authorized user.


4. If the device is under warranty, take it to your nearest device support center. Click on the link below to search for device support center locations.


Device Support Centers


Let me know if this helps!



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