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Terrible Customer Service Representative


Terrible Customer Service Representative

So may I begin by saying this isnt the first time i have gone into the at & t location in cranberry twp and got terrible customer service. Today was the first time I have been back into that store in almost 2 years I changed my phone to straight talk a while back and am no longer a customer of at & t's.On that note I go to the cranberry store to pay my sisters bill at the kiosk. When I was directed to the kiosk I soon later find out the kiosk is not letting me use my sisters card for debit or credit.So I wait for a rep. to assist me with why it is not working , everyone is already busy with other customers.So I wait , as I wait for someone to get free a gentlemen walks in and trys to use the kiosk as well and what do you know? It doesnt work just like it did to me , still waiting on a rep. Then a rep. walks back from the office in the back of the store and asks me if I need help and I said yes I tried to use my card at the kiosk and it is not working....So the other gentlemen turns around and says its not working for me either. Now what happens after this is what made me blow my lid! The representative went straight to help the gentlemen that came after me! Well you may say how would he know who came in first me or him ? well lets see i told him it wasnt working while the other customer was trying to get it to work so common sense would say I used the kiosk before him and have been waiting on help...Obviously I was annoyed and quite honeslty pretty ticked not because I was in a hurry but the fact of the lack of care he gave me , he even looked at me and said dont worry mam ill be right with you as i stood there waiting for his ipad to connect to the server so the gentlemen could pay his bill, as theySmiley Frustrated stood there and held a conversation till they finally got the ipad to connect.Needless to say i waited almost a half hour to just pay my bill because the rep. apparantly thought the older gentlemens needs were not as important as a younger womans. I work in customer service and this is why I was so livid because at my job we are always sure to help the person in the order they waited.

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Location: Cranberry Twp.

Employee: Mike

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Re: Terrible Customer Service Representative

Hi, JenCV
I'm so sorry to hear that experience on the ATT Store, remember we do have different options to refill the account if it is by credit card/ debit card, You can always dial 611 from any att device and pay the bill.
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