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Teens Reading Our Texts?


Teens Reading Our Texts?

We have ATT.  My wife and I have I-phones and Ipads and we sync them through I tunes.  Our daughter has an IPOD and a Samsung phone - can she get our texts by syncing through Itunes our some other App?

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Re: Teens Reading Our Texts?

Hi jchretien4,

You problem is the iCloud/iTunes user name and password that you guys share. iPhones and iPads use iCloud and iMessage as a primary messaging platform and when families share/use the same Apple ID in iCloud they're getting each other's messages. There are couple of things that can fix this, either create a separate Apple ID for everybody in the family or stop using iMessage (Apple) and switch back to regular texts (Carrier), this can be done by disabling iMessage in Settings - Messages.


Hope this helps,


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