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Switching to Cricket


Switching to Cricket

I have received my Sim card in the mail.  Is there anything I need to do w/ ATT before I just switch over?   I will back up my iphone before putting in the  new Sim Card but will I lose anything or will anything not work the same?   Will I be able to still talk adn surf?   (I do that quite often)   I realize the last quesiton should have been asked before I bout the cricket sim so no worries.  


Shold I call ATT and tell them I'm switching?  I've never switched cell providors before so IDK how this will pan out.  



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Re: Switching to Cricket

Hi FallenAnjel,


There are a few things you should know about switching and in particular to Cricket or any other CDMA network. 


You need to have an unlocked iPhone in order to use their service. As Cricket is a CDMA network you would not be able to use that device on their network. Apple also has an activation flow that the device must go though when a forgien SIM is inserted into the device that may force you to fully reset the phone. 


You won't be able to talk and surf the internet at the sametime, this is a network feature used for GSM networks, such as AT&T. 


You don't need to contact AT&T to tell them that you are swiching, but your service will be continued until you cancel it, or port your number out. 


I would highly recommend looking at staying with AT&T and exploring our GoPhone or new Mobile Share value plans, they can save you a lot of money while giving you access to our large 4G and LTE networks. 


Hope thie helps!

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