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Status of Phone upgrade if returned


Status of Phone upgrade if returned

Hey guys, hopefully this is the right spot for this because I'm really bummed out.


I ordered a new phone from Amazon online, and processed my line upgrade for it. Today low and behold the phone is defective. My question is what happens to my upgrade when I return it to Amazon?

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Re: Status of Phone upgrade if returned

I'm so sorry to hear the phone turned out to be defective!


If you are within the buyer's remorse return policy you may return it to Amazon and once they receive the device back your upgrade will be reversed back within 3 business days and then you will be able to re-upgrade through any sales channel that you choose. Smiley Happy

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Re: Status of Phone upgrade if returned

Thanks for the response! Sorry, if I had just gone through the return process further I would have seen what Amazon said regarding it.

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