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Sim swap removed my unlimited data+1500 Txt Package. Takes 5 Days to get back to me about Restoring?


Sim swap removed my unlimited data+1500 Txt Package. Takes 5 Days to get back to me about Restoring?


I live in the Hampton Roads, VA. I originaly was on Suncom about 8 or 9 years ago. They swapped markets with Cingular. I had my Suncom "Unplan" grandfathered in. 2 lines first for $55 and second shares the unlimited for $30 more. I never renewed. after switching to Cingular I bought a Nokia 6600 outright to use.. then I bought a Blackberry 8700 outright adding a BES Data plan to go with it that included teathering. This was before they actually had specific plans to teather. But it was a given that being provisioned for the BES account that I would be doing that. 

 I've kept this data plan for years going through a BB 8300 and 8800 bought outright at the store till I got a ATT FUZE Windows phone and it automaticly changed it to a "Blackberry Connect Unlimited Plan". When I upgraded to the 8800 from the 8300. Handed down the pearl to my second line and added "Blackberry BIS Unlimited Personal Max with 1500txt" 39.99 to that line. That phone broke and it has been on that plan on both a nokia and a palm centro for almost 2 years. My main line has been on the Captivate since the day it came out. (still on Blackberry Connect Unlimited Data)


What happened Yesterday:

 I wanted to get a new phone for the palm centro.. I looked online and contemplated doing the upgrade to get a phone cheap.               

        Adding $30 Unlimited data and $30 Flamily Txt msging,

        Removeing the $20 unlimited off the main line and the $39.99 Blackberry BIS Unlimited Personal Max with 1500txt

So it balanced out.  


It was also letting me keep "My Exsisting Plan".

I could not complete the transaction because my blilling address was different than my creditcard billing. So I went to the store and they said they could not do the $30 family msg because of my grandfathered voice plan. I asked why does it let me select it then??? I left the store very disapointed. Called CS and they couldn't do it either even tried to save my cart and she didn't see it. So I went out and Bought an iPhone 4 32gig. Cut down the still "Cingular" sim and poped it in the phone. Only to find that data did not work. I called CS and They wanted to change me off the Unlimited data plan that included the 1500 txt for 39.99 for and Iphone $30 and another $20 for txt.  I did not want to pay more... Got off the phone with them. I figured out I could change the APN myself and did so. It worked perfectly.

  Now I find myself this morning staring at a txt on the phone saying that the phone required a data plan. (THAT LINE HAS A DATA PLAN) And they added it for me.......... Without warning they took off my ulimited data+1500msg for 39.99 and put 3gig with no visual voicemail for $30 and 1500txt for $15. I called CS imiditely and they say I have to wait 5 days for someone to handle my case # to have it added back??? What is this waiting 5 days. I asked for supervisor and she game me same lines that I had to wait? Why is this why can't the matter be taken care of right then... 

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Re: Sim swap removed my unlimited data+1500 Txt Package. Takes 5 Days to get back to me about Restor

Sorry, but the iPhones have always been a bit of a special case. You're not going to get your grandfathered unlimited + text plan back to use on an iPhone, because the iPhones have their own tier of data plans. There really aren't "generic" smartphone plans anymore, and the iPhone has ALWAYS required its own data plan. And you can forget about tethering with the unlimited data plan - that's never been allowed with iPhones.



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Re: Sim swap removed my unlimited data+1500 Txt Package. Takes 5 Days to get back to me about Restor

It is only a special iPhone Data plan because they make it specific for the device. You can always change the APN on the iPhone to make the data just work. Data is data. Really it is no different. AT&T Just wants to make it different for each phone. So when you do sim swap you will be bumped to off the data plan for the previous phone onto whatever phone you put your sim into and if you had unlimited data... guess what the system bumps you off it to tiered data 3gig. So you have to call if you outright buy your phones so they don't screw with your grandfathered plans. It didn't happen though on my main line I still have my grandfathered Blackberry data on an Android...  As for tethering.. No they never had unlimited tethering for the iPhone... Your right.... But there you go associating the device with the data plan like AT&T likes you to think.  I had tethering with my main lines data package that had a BES provisioned blackberry data plan that is now an Android. I've had the same data plan without renewing a contract since I think about 2004 when this Market Turned from Suncom to Cingular.  Some how that tethering on the plan has magically disappeared and I'm not allowed to do that anymore... 

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Re: Sim swap removed my unlimited data+1500 Txt Package. Takes 5 Days to get back to me about Restor

Data may be data, but a data plan alone isn't the only component of connecting a device to AT&T's network. Activation of a device on AT&T's network requires you to agree to a Wireless Customer Agreement (or whatever it was called in whatever incarnation you agreed to in the past), and continued usage constitutes acceptance of their agreement and term changes. The iPhone has ALWAYS required a data plan, from the day it was introduced. That was nearly 2 years before data plans were required for ALL other smartphones. And if you read the WCA and the Plan Terms & Conditions, you'll see that specific terminology forbids tethering a device without a compatible plan. 


Look, AT&T is under no obligation to continue a grandfathered plan forever. We've run into the same argument from AT&T Wireless Blue customers who simply cannot understand why they can't have their 10-year old cake and eat it, too. Guess what? Times change, and service offerings from companies change.

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