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Roll-over minutes????


Roll-over minutes????

Just how do roll-over minutes work?  In November I used 250 of my 700 minutes, and showed 450 rollover minutes.  In December, I used 210 of my 700 minute plan (then changed my plan a few days before the end of monthly cycle to 500 minutes) and now in January I have only 550 minutes left for rollover minutes!!  Nothing computes!


Isn't AT&T supposed to give you ALL rollover minutes added up cumulatively until end of year billing cycle?  Or did my mid-stream change from 700 minutes to 550 mess things up?  Thanks.

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Re: Roll-over minutes????

When you change rate plans, your only allowed to keep rollover minutes up to the amount of your new rate plans anytime minutes.


Example: You have 900 accumulated Rollover Minutes, and you move to a plan with 700 Anytime minutes. In this case, you will lose 200 Rollover Minutes.  


After that you start accumulating rollover minutes normally again.





Do I lose my Rollover Minutes?How are Rollover Minutes expired or forfeited?Answer:
Rollover Minutes expire as follows:

  • Minutes will expire from your current Rollover balance when those minutes reach an age of 12 billing periods.
  • You will not  lose your entire accumulation of Rollover Minutes, just those minutes that have remained for 12 billing periods.
  • Minutes will stay in the current Rollover balance until they are used, or until they expire (at an age of 12 billing periods).

Rollover Minutes are forfeited as follows:  

Rollover Minutes are forfeited if . . .But not if . . .
You change from a Rollover to a Non-Rollover plan 
You change from a Rollover to a Military plan 
You change from a FamilyTalk Rollover to an Individual Rollover planYou are the last member to leave a FamilyTalk group (in which case you will keep the accrued Rollover Minutes)
You change plans and the accumulated Rollover Minutes in your existing plan exceed the number of Anytime minutes in your new plan 
Example: You have 900 accumulated Rollover Minutes, and you move to a plan with 700 Anytime minutes. In this case, you will lose 200 Rollover Minutes.
The Rollover Minutes from your existing plan are equal to or less than the number of Anytime Minutes in your new plan 
Example: You have 700 accumulated Rollover Minutes, and you move to a plan with 900 Anytime minutes. In this case, you will not lose your Rollover Minutes.
You move to/from another carrier to AT&T Wireless 

To view your Rollover Balance:

  1. Log in to your myWireless Account.
  2. From the Account Overview page, view My Current Usage or the Group Usage section if you have a FamilyTalk account. 
  3. View your Rollover balance and/or the upcoming expiration date of Rollover Minutes 

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Re: Roll-over minutes????

Thanks Planet-Ed....


I suppose I could have looked it up somewhere, but you provided the answer I needed.  Best wishes.

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