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Roadside assistance


Roadside assistance

Will my roadside assistance cover me from my home to a repair shop?
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Re: Roadside assistance

I just called them and verifed that this is part of their service and the representative I spoke with said it sure is. Smiley Happy 


You can contact AT&T Roadside Assistance by either dialing #HELP (#4357) from your mobile phone within the AT&T coverage area or by dialing 1-877-263-2600 from any phone.


If you don't yet have this feature, you will need to wait 72 hours after enrolling to use the benefits. 


Here's a link to more information:


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Re: Roadside assistance

I would like to know why I have been paying for roadside assistance for years and now that I need a car towed it is costing me over $100.00?
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Re: Roadside assistance

I am so tired of being missled when I am already paying a ton of money.
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Re: Roadside assistance

No doubt! Steph225...they suck and are misleading.  I cannot even get them to tell me how much they pay and how much I am expected to pay before I set up the towing.  Thats called a line item invoice, but they refuse to give it to me saying their payment portion "depends."  I asked "On what?" They wouldn't say and then the towing company wanted cash, up front, at 2 AM!!!  

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Re: Roadside assistance

I had to pay $65 to have my car towed to a shop on Friday 10/28 at 6am in the morning. I couldn't get it towed Thursday night because I didn't have $120 to pay the only tow driver they could find🙀 So I was told to call back in the morning and more options would be available. Not so! No one was able to help. I had to call the police and they helped me get my car towed. Now I'm in the process to get my$65 back. Wish me luck.
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Re: Roadside assistance

I had a tire blowout and was sitting on a median on the highway.  My husband wanted to change the tire, but I've been paying for AT&T's roadside assistance for a year and never used it.  I called and after about a ten minute wait an operator picked up.  She took our info asked for an address of where we were -- she couldn't understand we were on an Exit 6 median on the highway ??!! -- and since I knew the area, I provided her with an address to a fast food restaurant right at exit 6.  We just wanted to be towed out of Exit 6 and into a gas station or some other well lit place to change the tire -- this was about a mile tops.  She put us on hold while she contacted a two service in the area that they deal with and after about another ten minutes, she told us that they could not use the only tow in the area because they wouldn't agree to their payment terms.  I asked her what AT&T Roadside Assistance payment terms were and she referred me to look at the policy.  How could I possibly look at a policy at 10:15 PM on a highway median when all I had was my cell phone??!!!  I asked her the name of the tow company and I would call them myself, but then I asked her up to what amount would I be reimbursed for and she again was very vague, didn't want to provide an amount, and referred me to my policy.  When I called the tow company they wanted $136 in cash and $141 with a card.  I only had $25 with me, so I agreed to the credit card payment term.  They told us it would take 30 minutes to get there.  While I spent all my time on the phone, my loving husband went in the back of the car, took the spare & jack out and started loosening the lug nuts.  We were using our car's donut by the time the tow truck came -- so we didn't have to pay anything.  I am now looking to go back to AAA or find another roadside assistance plan.  AT&T's Roadside assistance is a big joke.

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Re: Roadside assistance

Looks like I'm not the only one who has had fun with Roadside "Assistance". I've had the feature on my 82 year old mother's phone for as long as I remember. (And I've had the same number since 2004 and Cingular) This week she called me from a tire shop that is TWO MILES from our home. The car had a busted radiator and was not drivable. I thought of Roadside Assistance and placed a call to them. I was told that they could have a wrecker pick up the car. All I need do is pay the $15.00 fee. Wait. What in the world am I paying for every month? She was quick to point out that I should know about it because I had called for assistance over the past year or so. I didn't remember the details. But I did remember that I told them to forget it at that time. I asked why it was a $15.00 charge for a two mile tow. I was unsympathetically told that it was what it was. I told them to forget it. I guess that the more people they get to hang up angry, the less they have to pay out. I then called her insurance company, where she has the same program, and had the car towed for nothing. Then I cancelled the plan with AT&T. Do yourself a favor and pass this money pit up. You'll be better off with AAA or your insurance company. And the RA company is not AT&T, but a third party. They could care less... Funny thing is that if they would be up front about the $15, it would have given me the chance to turn it down before spending the $2.99 a month...

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Re: Roadside assistance

I agree.       We have been paying for 5 years and my son had a flat on I 75 in Florida today.     They told him they don't cover a flat if it is due to a nail or screw because that is considered road debris and an 'accident' in their eyes...      ???????????????????????????????


This service is an absolute SCAM

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Re: Roadside assistance

@farfigknewton, @gunfighter56Yeah, I've long had AAA, and although I've never had to use it, they do seem to get decent reviews on their roadside assistance (although there are enough complaints for them too, just less prevalent).

My AAA membership is mostly because we travel a lot, by bicycle, and I can't  tell you how many times I've whipped out my AAA card, at a campground, a cheap motel when it's raining, big and small attractions, etc, the card pays for itself several times over, yearly, without ever using the towing.  Not to mention, if I know we'll be traveling through some remote area, I know I can stop by the office beforehand (or sometimes in the smallest of towns), and get a great map(s), again paying for itself.

I tend to think most of these third-party "insurance" deals are mostly not a good deal, otherwise they'd probably not be offering them.  

AAA on the other hand, is based (largely) on this segment of their business, so they "get it right" in most circumstances, they simply have to, in order to continue to exist.

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Re: Roadside assistance

The lion's share of my complaint is about Georgia H00kers, the company that was dispatched to tow my car to the dealership. At 11:42 a.m., AT&T told me (as was told to them by the company) that the tow truck would arrive within 60 minutes. It's now 5:36 p.m. and numerous calls later, and my car is still not at the dealership. Only after raising h@ll with the agent and her calling the towing rep again did I get a phone call from him, complete with a sob story about what a rough day he'd had. In my opinion, they owe me the fee I paid before noon and the extra expense I'm incurring because I have to have a rental car an extra day. (The mechanic at the dealership committed to having the simple repair done before COB today if the car had arrived by tow when committed.)


Now, as for AT&T, I'm YOUR customer. I pay YOU the premium for roadside assistance. You fell short on follow-through. Had I not called you repeatedly to inform you of my displeasure, you would not have know where my car was! That's bad business. Perhaps it's time for me to join AAA.

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Re: Roadside assistance

I had a bad experience after calling for the first time when I received a flat around 9pm on the highway. We left them and signed up with AAA again. AAA, although pricey has the reliability behind it
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Re: Roadside assistance

I just had a similar encounter with them today for my mother and posted my complaint. No one called back. When I called to complain they alleged they called my mom 3 times back to back. Which obviously did not occur. I am waiting to hear back from the director of RA which I expect to hear from by Monday because of the weekend.
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Re: Roadside assistance

Where do I begin...

Called at&t Roadside Assistance just after 9:30 am on a Saturday morning, to arrange towing service.  Waited over 20 minutes, spoke to customer service rep who said she needed to find a provider and would call me back in 15-20 minutes.  Waited until 11:00 am then called back, was on hold for almost 30 minutes just to talk to someone.  Was told they tried calling me once, I stated I never received a call.  Was told they still hadn't found me a provider, was placed on hold. Finally at 12:00 pm was told they had a provider, but it was a 4 hour wait.  Was also informed we would have to pay an additional fee for the towing due to the distance of the tow, so we paid the fee. 

Waited until 5:30 pm, then called Roadside Assistance back, waited on hold again over 20 minutes to talk to someone.  Customer service rep informed me the tow company had 2 trucks break down and they forgot about me, it would be another 1.5 hours before they could get to us.  Driver called after 7:30 pm, said he wouldn't be able to meet us until 8:30 pm.  Arrived at meeting location, driver finally arrived after 9:00 pm.  He picked up the car, and was supposed to follow us to the tire shop.  Within 5 miles, the driver called my phone and said he needed to stop to put air in the tires.  (He was referring to the back tires, and considering we were in extreme cold temps understood that the tires had gotten low.)  He said he would meet us there.

We arrived at the tire shop, and proceeded to wait 1.5 hours.  (The shop was 20 minutes from the pick up location.)  We called the driver several times, and sent him a text.  After waiting 2 hours, no responses, we called Roadside Assistance and again waited on hold- this time for almost 30 minutes.  The customer service rep contacted the tow company, and reached the owner.  He stated that the driver couldn't find a place that had their air pumps on, because of the extreme cold, so he ended up putting the car down.  They planned to go pick it up "in the next few hours".  I asked why we weren't contacted, and why we were left to sit in below zero weather for over 2 hours.  He had no explanation.  He apologized and asked what was going on with the car.  We explained that we were having the front tires replaced (two flats).  For all of our troubles, he offered to have "a shop he knew" take care of the tires, we would only have to pay for the cost of the tires.  He stated they would have it done tomorrow.  I agreed that would be an acceptable arrangement.  He stated he would call in the morning between 7:00-8:00 am to let us know how much it would cost, and when we could pick up the car.

Sunday around 7:00 am I contacted Roadside Assistance to request a refund of the additional distance fee, because the car was never towed to the originally planned location.  The customer service rep placed me on hold, returned and asked me if the car was dropped off at the location.  I stated no, that's why I was asking for a refund because they never brought it to that shop.  In the middle of me finishing speaking, the tow truck owner interrupts and rudely states, "Is anybody going to listen to me?!"  I wasn't even aware the customer service rep contacted him, let alone patched him in on the call.  The rep nervously told me he was placing me back on hold.  When he returned he told me that Roadside Assistance was unable to give me the refund, that the tow company would have to.  The customer service rep stated he spoke to the owner, and it was agreed they would deduct the fee off the cost of the tires, and the owner would be contacting me soon to give me the total.  12:00 pm arrives, no word on what's going on with the car.  I called the tow company's phone line and left a message.  6:00 pm arrives, still no call back so I left another message.

Monday no return calls, my partner and I both try calling several times and left messages asking for a return call.

Tuesday still not a word.  I contact Roadside Assistance, they attempt to contact the tow company and are sent straight to voicemail.  Eventually on Tuesday the tell me at this point my only option is to report the vehicle as stolen.  I asked for the contact info for the tow company, to give to the police, they state the only info they have is the name and phone number.  I asked if they perform any checks of these companies before working with them, and how could they not have any additional info on them, was told they do not perform any checks and the only info they require is the name, phone number, and account number to send their payments to.

We called the police, met with an officer that evening and he filed a report for a stolen vehicle.  He informed us we needed to give the case info to Roadside Assistance, and let them know the police would be contacting them.  Roadside Assistance has been nothing but rude to me during this entire process.  When I called to inquire again about the refund, the customer service rep who was reading the notes on the account literally started laughing about it.  The manager I spoke with was extremely condescending and snarky.  The case is currently under investigation with the Auto Theft Unit.

I have removed Roadside Assistance from my plan, and would NEVER recommend working with them.


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