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Returning Defective Phone


Returning Defective Phone

I just want to know how to return the defective phone. I haven't recieved my replacement yet, but I specifically remember that I was told that i would recieve the box to turn it in. Also when I do get the box I am to include the removed battery right? And beyond that when exactly does the ten day period to return the phone begin.


On another subject related to this, is there a better way than just remembering the order number to ensure that the phone will be recieved by the At&t company. I have read a lot cases about lost phones in the shipping process and I would not like to be billed for an event like this.

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Re: Returning Defective Phone

Hello @Joe379


Are you asking about a cell phone? When you get your replacement, there will be a return label in the box. If the replacement comes with a new battery, then ship the old one back, but in most cases, unless there is an issue with the battery or power, it will not include the battery and you'll need to use yours. A return label will have a tracking number, make sure to write it down, or make a copy of the whole thing if you can, then just take everything to the post office. I also recommend getting a receipt from the post office.




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Thanks this helped a lot

Thanks this helped a lot
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Re: Thanks this helped a lot

I would make sure you get insurance on this and most definetly keep the tracking number.  I have been fighting with ATT since June about a phone I returned using the label they sent me.  The post office picked it up from my office and then ATT had a service (maybe DHL) pick it up from the post office.  As of this posting it has not been recieved into their warehouse and they are charging me for the phone.  I have spoken with ATT on 5 occasions to get this rectified and have given them the tracking number where it shows on the UPSP tracking site that it was picked up and I no longer have it.  ATT contends that it is my responsibility since it never made it to the warehouse.  After having given the tracking number to various ATT customer reps (and they remoted in to my text messaging to verify that they did indeed send the tracking number to me), they now say they have no record of the tracking number and that I can not prove that I sent it back!  I, unfortunately, lost my phone and now have no record of the tracking number and they are insisting I pay for a phone that I sent back via USPS.  There customer service has been awful and the last manager I spoke to- Orland Hertado- basically I said I was lying and I never had the tracking code.  I am leaving ATT after many many years and going to Verizon!!!!  Be careful!!!

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