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Received call from AT&T Alert:Spam Risk # 1 (626)162-9208


Received call from AT&T Alert:Spam Risk # 1 (626)162-9208

Received call from AT&T AlertSmiley Frustratedpam Risk #1 (626)162-9208 When answered it was a female speaking in an Asian/Japanese language.  I answered while driving so did not see until after I answered...then quickly hung up.  I have now blocked this caller.  Is there any risk that this has compromised my phone or my phone number in any way?

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‎03-04-2019 3:03 PM

Re: Received call from AT&T Alert:Spam Risk # 1 (626)162-9208

Hey @kgar1731,


I was in the same boat you were in. Not only did I receive the same call you did, I also experienced other annoying spam calls; not even AT&T employees are immune. 


Our Call Protect app is what you need. Not only did the spam calls I received decrease, I was able to report other calls that didn't seem legitimate.


I'm sure this will help reduce the number of calls you get as well.


ChrisZ,  AT&T Community Specialist   


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Re: Received call from AT&T Alert:Spam Risk #

Received the same labeled call on 2/4: AT&T Alert: Spam Risk.  I hung up, 5 minutes later, it showed up on mom's phone (who's on my account), she picked up and talked, then hung up. Then 3 hours later she recvd call labeled: "AT&T Alert: Telemarketer".

Apparently, this is an actual AT&T feature/service, especially for it to come up without us having ever saved that in our phones.  AT&T can literally warn you to determine if you'd even want to pick up the call or not.  (Just changed our plan last month, so maybe that has something to do with it).

We were so confused at first- didn't know this feature existed.  Very helpful.   As a result, I blocked both calls in my mother's phone.

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Re: Received call from AT&T Alert:Spam Risk #

I just had a call on my cell phone with caller ID:  AT&T Spam Risk but the number was 855-807-2785.  When I googled the number, it led me to a website stating this number is a "robocaller", so I blocked the number.  I'm installing the AT&T Call Protect app on my phone now.  Maybe this will help in the future.

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