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Question about grandfathered plan and porting.


Question about grandfathered plan and porting.

Okay, so I have my att grandfathered plan and I plan to transfer the contract over to someone else because I'm switching providers and I was to port over my current phone number, but the person I'm transfering my contractt to, told me that if i ported over my number i'd lose my contract. Is this true and what can i do so he can get my plan and port over his number and i can keep my number on my new provider? 

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Re: Question about grandfathered plan and porting.

The contract is attached to your phone number. If you port out to another provider, that will cancel the contract and you will be liable for any ETF. If he has att and you do a transfer of responsibility to move your number/contract over to his name, then any grandfathered features would be lost. 


There is no way of separating the number from the contract in either situation. 

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