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Proration of Final Bill

Proration of Final Bill

I recently transfered to Verizon from AT&T due to AT&T's inferior coverage in my area (otherwise happy with service but just couldn't deal with frequent dropped calls from my home/office).  I fulfilled my contract earlier this year.  I called billing and was told they can't prorate the final partial month. When I signed up I paid for a prorated month of service and don't understand why AT&T can't prorate the last month of service.  Is there a supervisor I can talk with - not getting anywhere with customer service agent!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Proration of Final Bill

AT&T chooses not to prorate the final bill. It's in their wireless agreement. You can request a supervisor, but they are under no obligation to waive it for you. 


5.1   What Are The General Terms That Apply To All AT&T Voice Rate Plans?

You may obtain usage information by calling customer service or using one of our automated systems. Pricing/Taxes/No Proration:Prices do not include taxes, directory assistance, roaming, Universal Service Fees, and other surcharges. Final month's charges are not prorated.



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Re: Proration of Final Bill

Hey tarnation2002

First bill/last bill are different story. When someone calls to cancel, we educ to do it at the end of the billing period, because you're going to be billed for it regardless.

It's actually standard industry practice, check Verizon's T&C too, I know they do it.


To be clear, you were less than one month ahead, not more than 1 month. You typically pay for the month you're in.


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Re: Proration of Final Bill

Alex - I understand what you are saying, but TWICE I was told that my bill would be adjusted to the dates before I ported the number.  Two different call center agents told me this exact same information - and it was documented in the caller notes.  However, I am still being billed the full amount (vs the 3 days of service) and a $5 late fee.  


I would expect customers to be able to trust the information provided by the customer service agents when asked a direct question.  Finally, I would expect AT&T to stand behind it's employees - if they make a mistake, it's a training opportunity for the COMPANY not the consumer. 


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Re: Proration of Final Bill



I'm having the similar problem with my account now, i have cancelled my contract on the bill generation day and they have charged me for ONE FULL MONTH. The customer representative has mis guided me stating that the charges would be pro-rated. when i tried calling hte customer care they aren't correcting my bill. Can someone suggest me how did you approach on getting this fixed ? AT&T sucks, this isn't a good customer service company.



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Re: Proration of Final Bill

You need to make sure to cancel service BEFORE the bill cycles out again.  And you should know what day of the month it is.  It's that day that says "Next bill cycle date: " when you look on the website or request an update on data usage.

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Re: Proration of Final Bill

I also was told the same thing and was surprised to see my final bill. I called customer service and they did not seem to know. This is definitely not good customer service! BAD!
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Re: Proration of Final Bill

ATT totally sucks!  I was told my final bill was prorated, so I waited until my number was ported to Verizon, then called to cancel.  AGAIN I was told I would receive a final PRORATED bill!


Well, not only did the final bill arrive WITHOUT PRORATION, it included a threaet to refer to the unpaid balance to a collection agency!


I called and waited on the phone for a very long time, then was told it was settled, the bill WAS prorated.  I paid the amount ATT requested.


Now I'm STILL getting bills. Granted they show a $0 balance, but why are you still bothering me ATT?!  I will NEVER in my life return to this bull___ company or use them for any other service.

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Re: Proration of Final Bill

Please AT&T, I believe it's time to improve your CCP's knowledge..before switching the carrier I called AT&T CCP to discuss on the final bill, I was told that the final bill will be send with PRORATED amount and he was the one turned off my auto payment..but what I received from AT&T is full month bill and 5$ for late fee..


anyway thank you so much for all the wonderful service that you have provided me..I have had many experience/reasons not to choose AT&T again.. thanks once again..



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Re: Proration of Final Bill

I've a similar problem. Before cancellation of my service I had spoken to customer service and he made it very clear that last bill will be prorated. Even after cancellation when I called them about my final bill, I was told to wait for the bill to get prorated and then pay the amount but I received the bill in mail for the entire month with $5 late fee. I was only 3 days into the new billing cycle when service was cancelled and they charged for the entire month and the late fee!


This is a complete lack of ignorance from customer service and severe problem with ATT customer service training. I regret for being ATT customer for many years when they treat someone cancelling the service very badly and at that time suggest us to read the fine prints when their CCP themselves don't know about those fine prints and continue to give wrong information to the customers.

This is an opportunity for ATT senior management to correct his problem and ensure that the customers leaving the company are treated with the same service as new customers.

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ACE - Sage

Re: Proration of Final Bill

No. None of the carriers I dealt with prorate final bills. I left Verizon 11 months ago, on the day before my last bill because I know they don't prorate.

No one would tell you any different.
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Re: Proration of Final Bill

So AT&T prorates the first bill, but does not prorate the final bill.  How ridiculous is that to have your "customers" screwed due to an arbitrary billing cycle that you selected.  It is obviously a one way street and only an attempt to "stick it to the little guy" on the way out.  We were loyal customers of yours for over 10 years and only switched due to the poor cellular service within our house and your inability to correct it.  I now see that the problem is much deeper than that. Why should anyone pay for a service they never received?  I say that's the definition of unfair and now understand why there are so many complaints filed. I would never charge my customers for services they never received, but I guess I run my business in an honorable fashion.

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Re: Proration of Final Bill

Verizon does the same thing. On my way out the door, I timed my port over to ATT for two days before the cycle ended.


I do agree that if you don't know about this little trick, you could end up getting royally screwed. But the fact is, they ALL do it. So why get ticked off at ATT?

"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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Re: Proration of Final Bill

So much for good customer relationship.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth with AT&T.  I would never use AT&T again or recommend to anyone in my families or friends.

I only used 4 days of their service and they charged me for the full amount on my final bill.

No prorate, what a rip off!

So long AT&T and never again!


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Re: Proration of Final Bill

Had the same bad experience!


Before porting the number, I called the customer rep and they told me the last bill would be pro-rated. That did not happen. I called them up again and they told me that wasn't the last bill... so I waited for a few days...finally, having not received any new bill, I called them up and they told me that the bill I received earlier was the last bill and that they don't pro-rate


feeling angry on being mislead and have to pay for whole month for cancelling the service on the first day of the billing cycle!

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