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Potential New Customer Question

Potential New Customer Question

I am thinking about opening an account with ATT.  If I open a 5-line family plan and purchase five smartphones, it forces me to put a data plan on all five lines.  However, I have two lines that don't need data.  If I move the SIM cards from those two lines to dumbphones and never use the smartphones, can I cancel the data plans immediately after I open the account or do I need to keep the data plan for the duration of the contract?


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Re: Potential New Customer Question

If the other 2 lines don't need data, why purchase the smartphones for them? It sounds like it would be less expensive and less complicated to purchase 3 smartphones and 2 "dumb phones". 


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Re: Potential New Customer Question

I actually have a friend who wants to purchase them.  It would be cheaper for me to buy while opening this account since he's not out of contract yet.

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Re: Potential New Customer Question

Yes, you can cancel the data once you switch those Iines over to non data phones. If you have them or are trading him your data phones for his no data...he will have to add the data plans to them though, I'm sure you already knew that though Smiley Wink
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Re: Potential New Customer Question

Yep, he's aware he needs data on his lines.  That's not a problem.


Just wanted to confirm there was nothing in the contract that says I need to keep the data package on the lines even if I swap them for dumbphones.

Thanks for your help! =]

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Re: Potential New Customer Question

Nope no clause demanding you keep it any length of time. And you're welcome.
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Re: Potential New Customer Question

A big note on this - at&t does not require you to keep the data plan if you switch to non-smartphones, but some third party resellers might not allow you to change the contract. If you deal with a non-corporate store, read the fine print.
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Re: Potential New Customer Question

Another thing the OP needs to remember - if they obtain 5 smartphones they are under contrct for 2 years for all five of those lines AND they are responsible for the smartphne etf of 325.00 per line no matter if they downgrade them to a dumbphone or not, the etf and contract length will remain the same

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Re: Potential New Customer Question

Understood.  I have no plans to cancel the additional lines.  Just wanted to be able to remove the data plan off them since I will not be using the smart phones.  I will be switching and staying for at least two years =]

Thanks for all your help!

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Re: Potential New Customer Question

To clarify what I said, some third party vendors will not let you change your plan in any way - including dropping data. Be careful using them.
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