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Poor Service and Business


Poor Service and Business

Is there a way to escalate a complaint to AT&T? I have two phone line and also TV through AT&T. I recently purchased a new Apple watch at the Apple store and called to add the cell service to the phone. I thought this would be a no brainer considering Im already a good customer, have excellent credit, and it was only the add of a $10/month feature for the watch. I was told to add that i would have to pay a $500 deposit? Really? For $10 service being added to what i already have Im expected to pay more than 4 years of monthly payments in advance basically? This is ridiculous. They said, well it must be something on your credit, sorry there's nothing we can do. They just gave me the number to the credit bureaus.  At first i was worried that maybe I had fraud on my credit since I know I have excellent credit so thought maybe it truly was a credit issue. Nope, I called the credit companies and they are equally confused because my credit is in the 800's so apparently its just AT&T. I was blown away that this is the AT&T business strategy and service model. Now I've been trying to submit chats to find out what the cost is if I cancel service so I can go find a provider who will actually value the customers and want their customers to add service to their accounts. This whole process has been ridiculous, all for a simple $10 a month add for my watch service. Im not even needing to buy the watch from them. Ugh. Now trying to figure out where to escalate as everything seems virtual with bots that dont understand my question and issue that Im submitting. (In all fairness its ridiculous so most humans would be shaking their heads let alone the bots) Thanks in advance for any guidance of where I can get customer service escalations handled.

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Re: Poor Service and Business

Similar complaints on this BS policy have been posted.  The solution is activate your watch in a company store.  Don’t know why that works and online kicks a fuss.  🤷🏼‍♀️


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