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Phone upgrade for a different line, same account

Phone upgrade for a different line, same account

My girlfriend and I each have a mobile phone line on my account. Her upgrade is next summer, mine came around recently. She is in much more need of a new phone than I am. Very much. So we ordered her a Lumia 920 from WalMart under my upgrade with the intention of her using it, and then I plan on using hers when it comes around next year.


I'm worried now though, because she got an e-mail from WalMart stating "Please DO NOT CALL AT&T OR VISIT AN AT&T store to activate youe device. We intiiate this process automatically and contacting the carrier can delay your activation and/or cause a loss of service."


So does that mean they're going to automatically link it to my phone number? I don't even want a new phone yet. Mine is fine, while her's is cracked really bad all over the screen (a drunk friend dropped it). We've used each other's upgrades before, and I know many other people that do the same thing. Is it going to be possible to activate the upgrade phone on her line instead of mine? It should be here tomorrow or the next day, just wondering what we need to do.

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Re: Phone upgrade for a different line, same account

Yes they will activate it to your number, unfortunately that is the downside when ordering through another company, however once it is activated go to a AT&T corporate store and they can fix it for you with no problem and provide new simcards if they are required.
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Re: Phone upgrade for a different line, same account

Argh. Ok, thanks for the reply. So you're pretty confident a store will be able to switch it back around? Probably head straight there when the phone comes before even activating and just do it all in-store.

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Re: Phone upgrade for a different line, same account

I don't think it will be a problem. With GSM phones it's fairly simple to switch them.

Don't worry.
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