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September 5-My spouse ordered a iPad pro and we had to pay for taxes $40.00 since he didn't have his debit information he said i would call back to give it to them,20 minutes later i called and they had nothing on what he had ordered so the non english person said they had to do the order application again.we did and and she came back saying we didn't qualified and that we had to pay the whole amount!! i told her she was full of it and hung up on her.

i decide to do the order on line and it went through great i didn't even have to pay anything.

September 6-woke up to an email saying my order is cancel.called again and she said it was cancel because we didn't response to an email(dont know what shes talking about) ask to speak to a supervisor,she seems very nice said dont worry  your order is processing you should receive it no later than Monday ,September 10.

September 7- called again just because i really didn't trust them and i needed to know ,the tablet was a present for my daughters birthday,same story the order is cancel again i said let me talk to a supervisor,this SUPERVISOR lied!! lied and lied in my face,she said i guarantee you that you are going to get your tablet no later than Monday,in fact just so you can relax am calling you Monday at 9 pm to make sure you have it in your hands.

September 10- guess what? i got nothing!! i waited for her to call me and she didn't!! 

September 11- called again they tell me the same thing order is cancel,i ask to speak to a supervisor and guess what she tells me.they cancel the order because its out of stock,they never send it!! lie after lie!! she now says i need to go to a store and order it there!! at this point am super mad ask to be transfer to a complain department and guess what? she hangs up on me!! am so done with at & t .i should have never let them convince me of leaving t mobile!! what do i do know?

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If your order was canceled due to it being out of stock on our website, please check our Store Locator to find an AT&T store near you, and check to see if it is currently available. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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my order was canceled and my card was debited for the money  no I have no phone or no money  total rip off then manager ran credit again   and try to charge mme another 100 dollars  for Imax phone Pablo is a Rupp off and the lady who took my money in filing changes money still isn't on my card 

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This case is very similar to mine where AT&T mishandled my order and charged me for phones I ordered but not received. AT&T try its best to rip off the customer first. AT&T has the worst customer service people because the company's people and system cannot cope with with errors and mismanagement issues. AT&T, you need to admit your errors when error is made and compensate your customer with a settlement for causing such a mistake.     

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I have placed 3 orders, after being approved for 4 lines and only having an iPad, I have tried to add a phone numerous times, the last time AT&T put a $90.00 and three $1.00 holds on my Discover card for 2 weeks, never shipped my phone and kept putting an alert on my account saying “ do you want your order canceled “, well, Evidently I didn’t or I would have canceled it but I solved the issue on my own and went to Verizon and got one the same day with no money down and NO tax up front.....

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This just happened to me I placed my order yesterday online and was told the technician would be out to my home between 8-12 I waited and waited I kept checking the status, then about 1150 I check the order status and it said ordered cancelled no explanation no email nothing, I tried to call but the representative I talked did not help and I was so frustrated I'm going to try again tomorrow 

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