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No water damage indicator on Warranty return


No water damage indicator on Warranty return

There is a water damage indicator on my phone, but there isn't one on the replacement phone that they sent. Is that something I should be worried about? Should I call someone about it? Are they trying to make it so they can charge extra the next time I might need a replacement by saying I removed it myself? I still haven't sent my other phone back yet.

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Re: No water damage indicator on Warranty return

You can try calling Warranty about it and tell them what you discovered and see what they say.



     we live & learn~

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Re: No water damage indicator on Warranty return

HI Steven, thanks for your post. Here is the contact information for Warranty services. Please contact them and let them know your device is missing the water damage indicator. 


Sorry for the inconveniece! 

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Re: No water damage indicator on Warranty return

Yep, they're sending another replacement. Not having the water damage indicator voids the warranty. Anyone getting a replacement phone needs to make sure they check that it's there or the next time you might need another replacement they will try saying you removed it.

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Re: No water damage indicator on Warranty return

I have been developing quite a relationship with AT&T over my phone problems. This is the third phone in a year that I've had to have replaced. It was not until I called them today that I discovered there was no water sensor sticker in the phone. They are replacing the phone with only a 90 warranty. It is, after all, the fourth phone in a year's time - almost exactly a year. And, given the problems I have had with the phone, the company and I would have had a real issue if they did not replace it! HOWEVER, given the circumstances, I found their representative to be quite gracious and accomodating. Of course, if I have problems with this one... well, you can be sure I will make sure that water damage sticker is in place before I accept it!

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Re: No water damage indicator on Warranty return

When anver I try to call someone that I know so if y'all could get me a back
up phone that works fine but try to call don't call anyone
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